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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Friday 13 ~ What Type Of Fantasy Character/Race Would You like to Be?


I didn't do too bad this week.

But enough about all that.

I know that this is a mere variation on previous themes but my Muse was tired this week and I couldn't wake her up. Still should be fun but I'll try to do better next week... 

This time around I want you to imagine that you've been awarded a part in a fantasy novel. And you get to choose the type of character and race you wish to be. 

(I'll do Sci-fi the next time my muse takes a nap.)

Can be anything. King/Queen, Witch/Warlock, Dragon Tamer, Court Jester, Knight, Merchant, Blacksmith or Pirate. And pick a race like Fairy, Elf, Orc, Troll, Goblin, Dwarf or Human. The possibilities are endless. You can even name your character if you want but that is optional.

And for you Urban Fantasy fans it can be anything from teenage Werewolf to decaying Zombie.

♥ My Answer ♥

This was an easy one for me. Back in the far distant past I used to play Everquest. It was a sweet addiction and I still miss it. My very first character was a Wood Elf Druid. She had cute pointed ears, could charm animals, cast spells, and was second only to a cleric in her power to heal.

If I was ever offered a chance to be immortalized in a book she is EXACTLY what I'd choose to be. 

So how about you? What is your favorite type of character and why?

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Quote #1 ~ Mark Twain

"Classic' a book which people praise and don't read"
-- Mark Twain --

Poster Art Quote ~ Mark Twain

About: This is what happens when Mulluane gets bored while feeling creative! This is going to be a weekly feature here on the old blog. Until I get bored with this too that is. {grins} The quote of course is Mark Twain's but the design is all mine. Sorry about the slow load but it is an high resolution image

It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its mine and I like it! Hopefully you will too.

Usage: Non-Commercial Fair Use is permitted. The following restrictions apply: Please do not remove or mask the watermark url. Do not sell, print or claim this work as your own and when sharing, pinning, reblogging or posting, a direct link to this post is appreciated. Thanks!

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