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Reader Appreciation Series

Mulluane | Sunday, February 22, 2009 | 5 Comments so far
A blogger's reader base is the lifeblood of this hobby. You are why we do this, what we hope to someday have 100s of, if not 1000s, and frankly, cannot live without. Now we bloggers try to reward our faithful readers in several ways, the first is by providing what we hope is quality content, then you reward us by coming back for more. Some bloggers take that appreciation alot further and do book giveaways and contests. However, the rest of us either do not have the money (for shipping) or the contacts with publishers that allow us to go this extra step. Unfortunately, I fall in the latter category.

(But, I do love you guys and gals, never doubt it.)

So, anyway, I have been kicking around an idea. Remember the wacky interview thingie I did with Micheal Sullivan? Well I want to do the same thing with my blog fans! Of course some of you (hopefully not most) prefer to remain comfortably in lurker status, which is fine, I love the lurkers too, (as long as you aren't peeping in my windows...) but I'm hoping that some of you will enjoy playing along. It will be the same type of questions, silly, wacky stuff that will enable you to show off your creative side, nothing invasive or personal.

The rules and conditions:

You must be willing to trust me with your email addy. I promise I won't sell, use, abuse or otherwise violate your trust intentionally but I understand if you don't want to, afterall you don't know me from Adam. Use an alternate email account if you want, as long as I can match you up to a verifiable follower. (More on that below)

I do not need your real name, whatever online name you use is fine so if you use a preset email signature, just remove it before you email me and use the online name instead.

Fellow bloggers are eligible and yes you may plug your blog too if you want.

You must be a verifiable follower of me, this blog or Dragons, Heroes and Wizards, and there are a gazillion ways to do this, just needs to be something that I can confirm, for example:

  • Friend me on Goodreads, Facebook, or LibraryThing or subscribe to my Friendfeed (include a note so I know why I am approving your friend request)
  • Follow atleast one of the blogs on Facebook Networked Blogs, or Blogger.
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Subscribe to atleast one of the blogs by email (I will confirm this through Feedburner so in this case you will have to atleast tell me what email addy you used.)
  • COMMENT! How else can I know that you are an active follower?
(only need to pick one method, unlike me I'm not asking you to spend 3 days signing up for every social media site on the planet)

Then email me with the name or email you used to friend, subscribe or follow, along with which method you chose and your request for the interview questions. Put "Reader Interview" in the subject line so I will know to pull it out my spam folder.

(links to everything required are easily found on the left sidebar)

I will email you the questions, you answer as many or as few as you want, (I'd like to see atleast 5 though!), email them back to me and I'll showcase you in your very own post! (Hey, it is one way to get your 15 minutes of fame, right?)

There is the chance that this idea will go the way of the dinosaur but if I get even one volunteer I'll still do it, and will keep doing it as long as I have folks who want to play along.

Just keep in mind that this is for fun, (no I am not paying you and you will not get a prize...sorry!) you can be as creative with your answers as you like, suggest different questions, take all the time you need or, of course, just decide that I am nuts and ignore this post, it is all good!

Look forward to hearing from you (or not)!

Mulluane is a 55-year-old proud grandmother of 4, who is passionate about her pets, blogging, traditional fantasy, and tinkering with webdesign. She is obssesively photo shy but she uses an avatar that accurately represents her dreams. ♥ You can also find her on:

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Dragons, Heroes and Wizards


  1. Squeee!! 15 minutes of fame! I'm so excited!

  2. You can ask me if you want. {shrug, Smile}

    My public email is anneb at aloha dot net . I hope you don't mind the spam trap there, but it shoudl be easy to figure out. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. You can e-mail me at icyblustone at yahoo dot com--I'd be more than happy to answer.

  4. Uuups. I'm late. Anway I'm happy you do this.
    Please mail your questions at edifanob at gmail dot com

    I look forward to answer your questions.

  5. Cool idea - I'd like to learn more from the readers of this site.


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