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Reader Appreciation Interview - John Ottinger

Mulluane | Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | 4 Comments so far
The Bio!

I am a science fiction and fantasy book reviewer whose reviews, interviews and articles have appeared in The Fix, Sacramento Book Review, Flashing Swords, Stephen Hunt's SFCrowsnest, Thaumatrope, and at Tor.com.

By day I am a mild-mannered (though colleagues would disagree) underwriter for a private lender.

The Questions!

1.) What magical ability would you like to have and why?

Being the Forgotten Realms fan that I am, I would like prismatic spray. This ability sprays random magic that can do a bunch of low level spells to a group of characters. Personally, I just think its funny to watch some goblin turn into a rat.
2.) What would you do if you had a time machine?

Head back to the medieval period and go all Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court on them.
3.) You are an archeologist and you discover something that no one has ever seen before. What do you think would be the coolest thing you could possibly discover and why?

Proof that the myth of "dragons" was more than a myth. I would find scientific proof that a real, live, fire-breathing dragon really existed. Secondly, proof of the existence of God, for obvious reasons.
4.) If aliens landed in your backyard, what is the first thing you would ask them?

5.) Who (or what) is your favorite cartoon character and why?

Scooby-Doo hands down. I mean, he was a dog who could talk, eat what ever he wanted, soved mysteries with musical accompaniment, and according to some sources was constantly high. Who wouldn't love to be him?
6.) If you could have lunch with a famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Tolkien or Lewis. More than talk, I would just want to sit and soak up their wisdom. It would be my treat of course.
7.) If you could be reincarnated as an animal (real or imaginary), what would you be and why?

Dragon, Dragon, Dragon. Take no prisoners, control the world.
8.) You are stranded on a desert island, and only one thing washed up on shore with you what (or who) would you want that to be?

A volleyball.
9.) Alot of ancient cultures, like the Greeks and Romans, had a god for just about everything. What type of god could you envision yourself as and why?

I would probably be a Dionysus, not because I like wine, but because I'm rather Epicurean.
10.) If you could be a character in a fantasy or science fiction novel, what type would you be? (Wizard, assassin, warrior, spaceship captain, princess, etc...) and why?

Wizard. Those guys get to study and then throw magic from far away. None of that distasteful hacking and slashing.

The Blog Plug!

My blog is Grasping for the Wind. http://otter.covblogs.com
I'm a one man show that covers all things fantasy and SF in literature, including doing my own reviews, interviews and articles.
Thanks to John for sharing his answers with us!

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  1. I try to imagine a wizard in the shape of a dragon with a volleyball on a desert island.....ROFL

  2. Very cool interview! I would love to talk to Tolkien and Lewis too. First thing I did when I went to Oxford was to go to the Eagle and Child pub where the Inklings used to meet. It was nice.

  3. This is such a cool interview! I may appropriate some of those questions.

    Liz x


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