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Tales of Tralodren: The Beginning (Graphic Novel)

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A Fantasy Graphic Novel Review

Written By: Chad Corrie
Artist: Lee Oaks
Lettering: Matt McDonald
Coloring: Hi-Fi Colour Design
Cover Art: Ed Waysek
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Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Graphic Novel
ISBN: 0977604381
Publisher: Aspirations Media Inc. (November 14, 2007)
Paperback: 134 pages
Excerpt (PDF)
Publisher's Description:

This is the first graphic novel set in The World of Tralodren™, a fantasy setting made popular by Chad Corrie’s The Divine Gambit Trilogy, which explains the happenings of the cosmos before recorded time. The vast stretch of centuries covered in this tale encompasses the creation of the cosmos, the gods, Tralodren, and everything else in-between.

Readers will be hooked from the first page as they’re pulled into a rich storyline and universe that entertains as well as educates about the ancient past and foundations of the Tralodroen™ cosmos. And while this graphic novel ties nicely into the other novels related to The World of Tralodren™, it can still be read and enjoyed by those new to the setting.

With stunning art by Lee Oaks and a compelling narrative written by Corrie, this is a must have for anybody who enjoys a good story, mythology, and/or fantasy in general.

Welcome to The World of Tralodren™, a place rich in history, faith, and tales of adventure of which this story is but one of many.

This was my first ever look at a graphic novel and I must admit that I was impressed. Far, far cry from the comic books of my youth. The artwork, as stated above, is truly stunning. The colors blew me away with their vibrancy. The story itself is the mythology of Tralodren, and seeing as how I adore mythology, I was a happy reader to say the least. (Did I mention that it also has dragons!)

Now keep in mind that I have nothing to compare this too, this really was the first graphic novel I have ever read. However, if this is an example of what is out here, it will not be my last. Now there were a few things that I did not care for. The story is written in a cursive style that looks elegant, but I found a pain to read. That likely is just me though, the writing is an art form all to itself, but one I had trouble with mainly due to my less then perfect eyesight. There were a few examples of bad editing and a couple of birth scenes I could have lived without, but honestly, the remainder of the composition is so exceptional, my nitpicks do not matter too much. I was struck by how this format is not so much read, as it is experienced.

As I understand is typical of most graphic novels, there are some adult scenes. There are the aforementioned birth scenes, some tastefully done nudity and a few equally tastefully done love scenes. The story itself was interesting, atleast to me as a lover of mythology. It borders a bit on the line between sci-fi and fantasy as it includes several different planets but the fantasy elements prevail.

If you want a chance at a free copy of this novel, Chad Corrie is running a contest on his website. You can find the details here: where you will also find alot of indepth info on this and his other books, including interviews with all of the artists who were involved in this novel. If you like graphic novels, love mythology and want to experience how the world of Tralodren began, I recommend getting a copy of this novel. If you are like me and you have never experienced a graphic novel before, well I think this may be a great book to start out with! I want to thank Aspirations Media Inc. for giving me the opportunity to explore a new (to me) fantasy venue.

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Shelfari Rating 5/5

Librarything Rating 5/5

Amazon Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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Colored by Hi-Fi Colour Design

Lettering: Matt McDonald

Cover Art: Ed Waysek

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Sci-Fi Fan Letter
Award: Central Minnesota Printing Professional’s gold award for exceptional printing and superb craftsmanship.
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  1. In 2008 I read my first graphic novel:
    WATCHMEN !!!
    Since then I know I will read more. So I read your review with interest. So far I don't whether I want to read this one or not. Anyway I think it was a good decision to start to read graphic novels.


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