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SFF and a Few Other Book Review Bloggers on Twitter

Mulluane | Friday, April 24, 2009 | 13 Comments so far
This list will hopefully be of benefit to my fellow bloggers even though I am sure most of you are following these folks already. Twitter has been an amazing tool for networking within the book blogging community. We ask each other questions, get and give advice, bounce ideas off each other and share opinions. That is when we aren't just discussing what we had for lunch....

It would also be an awesome tool to network and keep in touch with our blog readers, so if you don't blog but do twitter I'd love a follow and I'm sure the others on this list would too! As with the author list, if I miss anybody let me know and I'll update. As the title suggests, this is not exclusively SFF but includes twittering book reviewers who do a mix of genres that include SFF, paranormal and horror reviews plus a few who specialize in children's books. Website/blog links are included so you can see if they are someone you'd be interested in following.

Note: I have moved the twitter portions of my social media lists to Squidoo for easier maintenance, and because it allows people to add to the lists themselves. This will also enable you to keep track of all of the lists on one page. If you are interested in venues other than twitter such as blogs or facebook, you will still need to check the original lists.

If you like this list, don't forget to check out
SFF authors on Twitter

Updated 05/22 - Updates are in red - Added facebook(FB) links

Twitter - Blog/Website - Facebook
@accidentalbard - The Accidental Bard

@adribbleofink - A Dribble of Ink - Aidan Moher(FB)

@authorsbooks -

@BittenbyBooks - Bitten by Books


@book_blog - Book-Blog

@bookgasm - Bookgasm

@bookgeeks - Bookgeeks

@booksmugglers - The Book Smugglers

@bossfan2000 - Fantasy Book News & Reviews - Jeff Cunningham(FB)

@BreeniBooks - Breeni Books

@BSCreview - Bookspotcentral

@confuzzledbooks - Confuzzled Books

@crotchetyoldfan - The Crotchety Old Fan

@DarqueReviews - Darque Reviews

@DaveBrendon - Dave Brendon's Fantasy & Sci-fi Weblog

@deepeight - Enter the Octopus

@EternalCow - AzureScape

@fabiofernandes - Post-Weird Thoughts

@FanLit - Fantasy Literature - FantasyLiterature Net(FB)

@fantasybookcrit - Fantasy Book Critic

@fantasycafe - Fantasy Cafe - Kristen Murphy(FB)

@FantasyDreamer - Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings

@fantasyislove - Fantasy is Love

@fantasysf - Fantasy SF Blog

@genrereviewer - Genre Reviews

@graemesfantasyb - Graeme's Fantasy Book Review - Graeme Flory(FB)

@HagelRat - Un:Bound

@iambrimful - Brimful Curiosities

@jennsbookshelf - Jenn's Bookshelf

@jo_scrawls - Ink and Paper

@JohnAnealio - Sci Fi Songs - John Anealio(FB)

@johnottinger - Grasping for the Wind - John Ottinger III(FB)

@katiebabs - Babbling about Books

@kaysbookshelf - Kay's Bookshelf

@librarydad - Library Dad

@loudlibrarian - The Loud Librarian

@markchitty - Walker of Worlds - Mark Chitty(FB)

@MentatJack - MentatJack

@MihaiDarkWolf - Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews - Mihai Adascalitei(FB)

@Mulluane - Dragons, Heroes and Wizards - Shari Mulluane

@myfriendamy - My Friend Amy

@nethspace - Neth Space - Ken Neth(FB)

@nextread - Next Read - Gavin Pugh(FB)

@NightOwlRomance - Night Owl Romance

@PrinceJvstin - Blog, Jvstin Style

@readersrespite - A Reader's Respite

@robertmckay - Fantasy is Love

@RoSF - Realms of Speculative Fiction

@ScarletCorset - The Scarlet Corset - Scarlet Corset (FB)

@SciFiScanner - SciFi Scanner

@ScifiWatch - SciFi Watch

@scifiwire - Sci Fi Wire

@sfsignal - SF Signal - John DeNardo(FB)

@shaunduke - The World in the Satin Bag - Shaun Duke(FB)

@SheilaRuth - Wands and Worlds - Sheila Ruth(FB)

@SQT72 - Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews - Theresa Lucas Sqt(FB)

@tdfangirl - The Discriminating Fangirl

@TiaNevitt - Fantasy Debut - Tia Nevitt(FB)

@TezMillerOz - Tez Says

@TheGenreFiles - The Genre Files

@TheSciFiChick - SciFiChick

@Truscifi - True Science Fiction

@urbanfantasy - Urban Fantasy

@wellreadchild - The Well-Read Child

Honorable Mention

@ediFanoB - The World's Best SFF Book Blogging Fan!

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  1. Wow, this is an awesome list! I didn't realize so many were on Twitter. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this list. ^_^

  2. Blush!

    Thank you for mentioning me. To be honest I had a off-time but now I'm back again.

    Beside this kudos! What a great list. Now I have to update twitter.

    It is Saturday morning in Germany. I had to get up early because our cats wanted their food at same time as during the week. That means 6:30 a.m. CET.
    I could resist and turned on my laptop.

  3. Got room for one more?

    @TezMillerOz - Tez SaysThanks, and have a lovely day! :-)

  4. Great list! Thanks for including me.

    ediFanoB: my cats do that, too. They don't understand the concept of Saturday...

  5. Sheila Ruth, I think everybody who lives with cats knows one of the brazen rules:
    I love our cats Lili and Pablo and I understand that they don't understand the concept of Saturday and Sunday. So I get up and my wife and my daughter still can sleep.

  6. Tez.

    Added! There is always room for one...or 12...more!

  7. Hi Mulluane,
    Thanks for including me on the list.
    Hope all is well with you.

    John Anealio

  8. Hi.

    I'm on Twitter, too, as PrinceJvstin.

    Blog, Jvstin Style

  9. For some reason, Squidoo and my computer refuse to get along. Would you mind adding me to your SFF Book Review Bloggers on Twitter list?

    @genrereviewer Genre Reviews

    I review "good, clean fun" books of all genre, including sci-fi and heroic fantasy.

    Thank you.

  10. Book Club & Reviews.

    Added! Thanks :>)

  11. I'm also Having Squidoo hiccups. I'd love an add.

    (Scarlet Corset on facebook)

    Finicky Reader, Book Reviewer, Fantasy Addicted; Naughty Wench


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