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More SFF Twitter Lists! Publishers, Characters, Ezines and Magazines.

Mulluane | Thursday, May 07, 2009 | 5 Comments so far
First up is Publishers, both major and small press.

Note: Not all of these are genre specific. Some publish a wide range of fiction and non-fiction works.

Updated 05/18!
New additions in red

@Guy_Henderson (Dark Regions Press)
@Chris_Morey (Dark Regions Press)

Secondly we have a few ezines, and magazines. I've never been a big magazine or ezine fan so the list is short. Just a few I have run across in my travels through the Twitterverse.


Last list is just for fun. Again it is a short list but these are authors, fans etc. who are twittering as SFF characters. Now some of these stay in character and even live within ongoing stories, others are authors who tweet as themselves, but they setup the account in the character's name instead of their own.

@ekhi (Via @johnottinger via @ApexBookCompany)

As always, input is welcome and appreciated. For example, I know there are more Fantasy/ Science Fiction character twitter accounts but finding them is not easy, especially since I am not a huge Sci-fi or Urban Fantasy fan.

Eventually, these lists will only be maintained on the Squidoo page ( as it is much easier to keep up and current. Blog pages get pretty much forgotten within days as new content grabs our attention. BUT....I will keep updating the blog posts, especially the authors and bloggers lists since they contain more then just the twitter link. (Facebook, webpage, blog, and forum link if I can find one.) So if you are doing research on an author or blogger, those will still be the best place to look.

Original Full Lists

SFF and a Few Other Book Review Bloggers on Twitter

Where Does Your Favorite SFF Author Hang Out?

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! There were wuite a few publishers I wasn't following, so cheers!

  2. Great list. I was looking for something exactly like this just the other day. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. ll160528.


    Hope you found it useful.

  4. Nice lists! I don't know how you keep all these twitters straight!?! Thank you for taking the time to keep up these lists. :)

  5. Fantasy Dreamer.


    I think I'm done now, except for updating as needed of course :>)


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