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Spotlight - Ryel Mirai Series by Carolyn Kephart

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Wysard: Ryel Mirai: Book 1
Paperback: 188 pages - ISBN: 1563151448
Sterlinghouse Publisher; 1st edition (October 1, 1999)
Wysard by Carolyn Kephart
By Carolyn Kephart

For a dozen years—almost half his existence—Ryel Mirai has dwelt in the fog-clad citadel of Markul, learning the Art from his kinsman Edris. His life has been one of rigorous self-denial and discipline, and his studies have been hard, perilous, and seemingly to no purpose. But Edris' mysterious death forces Ryel to comprehend the real truth of his own origins, and the part he must play in the World outside Markul's grim walls. A great and cruel power in the Art, Dagar, dwells in the wraithworld of the Void, seeking to return and wreak vengeance on the World that loathed and feared him when he lived centuries before. Dagar has enlisted the aid of Ryel's unruly rival in the Art, Lord Michael Essern in whose blood runs daimon-bane, to find the long-lost spell that will free him from the Void. But to escape the shadow-realm, Dagar requires a human form in which to embody his spiritual essence—his rai—and the form he lusts for is none other than Ryel's.

Lured by Dagar's wiles, Ryel returns to the World, embroiling himself in all its dangers, joys, and temptations. He soon realizes that he has the chance to discover the Spell of Joining first, thereby forever thwarting Dagar's machinations and bringing Edris, also imprisoned in the Void, back to life again. Great as the young wysard's hopes are, however, the dangers are greater still, for Dagar's minions are powerful and many. But Ryel discovers that he has strong allies to help him in his cause, and finds that he may well gain all that he wishes...although perhaps not as he wished it.

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Lord Brother: Ryel Mirai: Book 2
Paperback: 185 pages - ISBN: 1563152770
Sterlinghouse Publisher (January 7, 2002)

Lord Brother by Carolyn Kephart
In the quest begun in WYSARD, Ryel forsook the mist-enwrapped towers of Markul and returned to his steppes homeland, and from there was drawn to great Almancar, a place of beauty, corruption, and peril. In LORD BROTHER, Ryel's nemesis Dagar draws the young wysard even deeper into danger. Compelled Northward, Ryel becomes equivocally allied with Lord Michael’s elder brother, the Count Palatine Yvain. As Commander of the Sword Brotherhood, a cult sworn to the Goddess of War, Yvain Essern is the keeper of secrets crucial to the wysard's quest, but the price Ryel must pay for that information proves terribly high.

When fast-closing circles of fate bring him to the sea’s edge, the wysard finds answers to many mysteries; but war ravages Almancar, now gripped in a reign of terror. Far off in Markul’s tower of the dead, Edris’ body awaits its imperishable life essence, that will be re-instilled by the joining-spell; but can that spell truly be found? And if found, put in the right hands? And once there, be made to succeed? Or will the victory go to Michael—Ryel’s cruel rival, and Lord Brother?

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