Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On Blogging and Reader Engagement

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Every blogger has one main goal in mind. Sharing their love of whatever it is they blog about with as many
people as possible. Be it gardening, crafting, books, pets, or even SEO techniques, we strive to share our passion with the world.

The challenge however is how do you draw an audience? Well the experts will tell you, step number one is post quality content, step number two is post often and step number three is engage your readers.

My Scorecard:

Step one, Quality Content. Result - Success. Well I'd like to think so anyway. I think I have built up a good resource of quality book and series reviews on Dragons, Heroes and Wizards. Even though most are older books, they are usually still in print and if not, libraries may have them. I even have a few reviews, lists and interviews here that folks liked.

Step two,  Post Often. Result - Ummm, not really. Three year hiatus not withstanding, I can only read so fast and Epic Fantasy books are generally on the thick side. I try to post a review a week but rarely am I going to be able to do more than that.

Step three, Engage your readers. Result - Epic fail. (Pun intended) I don't do too bad on getting traffic from search results but those folks read the review they were interested in, maybe drill down to the other books in the series and go away. They never like, vote, share or comment. I have a few "fans" who do but as much as I love each and every one of them, there are very few.

So what to do?

Well now we come to the purpose of this post. (Took me long enough huh...). What I do is start writing posts designed to engage here and hope to get new readers who then go visit Dragons, Heroes and Wizards to find new (to them) books to read.

Great plan right?

Well, not yet. More like a concept in the works. In order to make this succeed I need to come up with ideas on what types of posts to write that will entertain and engage. So where to get ideas?

I could rummage around on other SFF blogs and steal ideas. Nah, I'd rather not do that. That's cheating.

I could do link lists but everybody does link lists. I still may do a weekly list. Only thing other bloggers love more than a fan base is backlinks. However I need to do better than that. I already share links every day on Facebook and Twitter.

I could revive the Wacky Interview series. That was fun. I think that idea might be a winner, if I can find enough people to play along.

I know! I could ask ya'll! (sorry, I am from the south and ya'll is a legitimate word here.)

So what kinds of stuff, would you like to see here? (other then giveaways and freebies, cause we already know everybody loves those but I'm too poor, and living on the backside of nowhere, lazy to do them.)

What types of blog content have induced you to comment, share, read, or like in the past. Not just here but anywhere in the blogosphere. Do you like debates? Discussions? SFF news like book release dates? Thought provoking questions? Lists? Pretty book covers? Got an idea you've never seen before but would like to?

Comment and let me know! Who knows, your idea may become a feature here and then you will be famous! Okies, maybe not exactly famous but revered! Well, maybe not exactly revered. How about you will become my own personal hero or heroine with my undying gratitude! Yeah, lets stick with that last one....

Friday, July 26, 2013

Revival Number 2

Mulluane | Friday, July 26, 2013 | Be the first to comment!
Now that I have Dragons, Heroes and Wizards pretty much straightened out it is time to start working on this blog. I am still weeding out dead links and adding markup and new links to old posts but the hard part of the redesign is done.

The first thing I have done here is put the Author Web Presence list on a page. This way it will always be easily accessible on a tab plus I can update it without confusing feedburner. A service I am really starting to hate and I will be looking hard at alternatives in the near future. (Dragons lost several hundred subscribers today and number is still dropping, not to mention mailing out old posts for no reason.) The rest of the Twitter lists I will continue to update on Squidoo, mainly because it is soooo much easier to add mass links there compared to adding them one at a time to a blog post.

As before Dragons will be kept pristine, all reviews, all the time, while here I will post other "stuff". What types of stuff you'll just have to wait to see.  Once I finish coding and tweaking and cussing and coding and tweaking.... well you know how that goes if you blog yourself. If not, be glad you don't.

I'm actually looking forward to it (the posting part, not the recoding part) so stay tuned. I promise you I will find some fun stuff to post. Maybe even another Wacky Interview or two....

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