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Fun Friday 11 ~ What Super Hero/Villain Would You Like To Be?

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Oh Look! It is Friday again. Where does the time go! This week I did a bit better. I did a review, an Indie Spotlight and a Wacky Interview. I filled up my Giveaways board (worth a look. Some HUGE giveaways were added, prepped three more reviews, did alittle blog jumping, setup alot of pins, buffered a bunch of retweets, cleaned out my blog lovin back list,  and I even did a bit of cross posting to Tumblr. Now if only I could do that every week...

But enough about me.

This week I got the notion that I'd come up with a list of Superheroes, Supervillains, Team Members and Henchmen. Now the list I found is not perfect. Batman was mistakenly labeled Super Villain plus something went wrong with the formatting so page 3-4 are worthless but pages 1-2 have 76 possibilities listed and I figure that will be plenty! Plus it is a pretty varied list too so flaws aside I think it is perfect.

♦ So on to the questions/challenges....

So this week it is time to play superhero! Or Villain. Or Sidekick. As usual pick as many as you want and explain why you would like to be your choice. And if your personal favorite is not on the list, that is cool too! Just tell us anyway. The list is simply a guide. Oh and feel free to change any of them into either a male or a female -- depending on your personal preference -- so you don't have to restrict your choices. It is pretty much the powers that matter here and not the gender.

1.) What Superhero would you like to be and why?

2.) What Super Villain would you choose and why?

3.) Supposing you don't want the responsibility of being a mega hero, while knowing that the team workers often do all the important stuff anyway, which one would you be and why?

4.) Same as #3 only you want to be an evil henchman. After all they get to do all the really fun, really nasty jobs right? Which one and why?

5.) Create your own superhero/villain. You can combine any 2 or more heros, villains, henchmen, teammates, then come up with a name and powers for him/her/it. Or, create one of your very own from scratch!

Now let the frivolity begin...

In case the embedded document doesn't work (and this sort of thing rarely does in some feed readers, email and sometimes even in mobile) here is a direct link:  superheroes


♥ My Answers ♥

1.) Hero: She is not up there but I'd choose Catwoman. Why? Because she is dead sexy, is followed around by cats and purrs after she kicks your arse.

2.) Villain: Not much choice there. I'd say a female Magneto. Both flight and telekinesis appeal to my lazy side. Just think, no more traffic jams or parking nightmares. Just fly to the store! And want that remote your mate left clean across the room? Alittle concentration and you don't have to holler for them to come get it for you!

3.) Teammate: Organogirl. I love the water so diving without any apparatus sounds like alot of fun and at my age I have lots of things I'd like to regenerate....

4.) Henchmen: Black Ice. Know how many times I've said "if only I could have been a fly on the wall?" Well if I was invisible that would work just as well! And who doesn't want to be super intelligent? 

5.) Combo: Fang and Buffy. I think Fang the Vampire Slayer sounds funny as hell. Fang the Vampire Slayer could summon werewolves and would use them plus a combination of strength and martial arts to defeat the icky Vampires. Afterwards she can use her water breathing abilities to go on a long underwater swim to wash off all the blood!

So now it is your turn. Answer one or as many as you want, have fun with it and leave us a comment with your answers! I'm really looking forward to the results of this little exercise.

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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Interview ~ Alex George ~ Author of Under The Dragon's Claw (Heartstone Talisman, #1)

Mulluane | Wednesday, March 26, 2014 | 6 Comments so far

(Wacky Interview Series)

In case you missed the first interviews in this series, here is the deal...I read alot of author interviews and they are good, informative, and interesting but rarely tell me all that much about an author's personality. I often find myself thinking, "Well that's all good and everything but I want to know more about the real live person behind the book!"

So, I decided to conduct a "fun" interview; something that will give my readers a good laugh and be fun for the authors. You will not find serious questions covering books, publishing, writing or future plans. Instead you will get a chance to see how they react to a bunch of crazy questions and scenarios.

This time around I asked Alex George, author of Under The Dragon's Claw (which I spotlighted here) if he would consider doing one of these. He said it sounded like fun! So, I sent him the 10 wacky questions, plus the 2 bonus substitutes and like those before him, he answered all 12! So here for your reading pleasure is a look inside of the mind of Alex George...

Photo of Author Alex George

1) Which magical power would you like to have and why?

I think there’s a whole bunch of things I would like to be able to do magically, but my personal favourite would have to be to freeze time. That way I could do all the things I want to do, like write, write, write, and read, read, read, and also find time for my family, which I love dearly, and some sports activities, which I often don’t have time for, to the detriment of my health: going to bed, I have to tuck in my little monster that lies between my wife and I: it’s called a tummy, and it has only recently become a feature on my body. Aaaah, the glory of youth and a quick metabolism...

2) What would you do if you had a time machine?

I’d go back and kiss that girl I let get away. I love my wife and wouldn’t change a thing, but that girl deserved at least a kiss, ha-ha.

3) What was your funniest/most interesting encounter with a fan?

“Please, please sign your book for me.” Of course I’d love to, I always think to myself. Cracks me up every time.

4) If you had a chance to spend some time with one mythical being, what would it be and why?

I think the answer to that one would have to be God, or Zeus. And I would have a tet-a-tet about a great many things that trouble me about our existence. But I would also have some joyful things to talk with Him about as well. What things? I hear you ask. That’s personal.

5) If aliens landed in your backyard, what is the first thing you would ask them?

I’d tell them not to worry, and that it happens to the best of us, and point them to another planet, blowing my breath out with relief as they enter their flying saucer and leave.

6) What quirky habit do you have that often gets you teased by your peers or family?

There’s no doubt about the answer to this one: my eating habits. I love most foods, and I also am partial to chocolates, crisps, sweeties, cakes, and the list goes on and on....

7) What did you want to be when you grew up?

There’s no single answer to this one. I went through different phases whilst growing up. When I was about 5, I wanted to be a shepherd, because gramps had sheep and I loved to visit the farm. Then, at 10, I wanted to write stories, great big ones with battles and soldiers, and lots of action, all based on historical greats like Alexander the Great, Hercules, Achilles and Hector, Odysseus, Jason and the golden fleece etc. At 12, I wanted to be a vet, since I enjoyed watching wildlife shows, especially the David Attenborough ones. Later, I considered becoming an Architect because I can draw, to some extent.

8) If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what would you be and why?

I think I would enjoy being an eagle or a hawk, as they are Lords of the Skies, top of their food chain, so can enjoy the skies without fear of being gobbled up. I envy birds their ability to launch themselves in the air: it’s my next favourite thing after swimming. Also, there’s another reason I would choose to be a bird: so nobody can crap on me!

9.) My readers want to know what you had for breakfast. Not sure why exactly...

Coffee and biscuits. But, when on holiday, I go for the full English breakfast. Love eggs on toast with sizzling bacon, sausage and baked beans! Oh, and a cuppa of English PG Tips or Earl Grey Tea, if-you-please, Sir!

10) Why in the world did you consent to doing this wacky interview? I mean there is not one question here about your books, your writing or your future plans!

I think it’s fun to learn about what drives people. I’ve been given the opportunity to let my readers know a bit more about me and what drives me. I’m hoping they’ll have fun reading through these. I know I have. Jolly good, what—there, a bit of Carry On humour there for those who are old enough to remember...nostalgia.

♦ We Now Interrupt This Interview For An Important Announcement! ♦

Alex George is currently seeking reviewers for his book. If you are interested please contact him on his website or at any of the social networks listed below. Thanks!

Bonus Questions!

11) Who is your favorite comedian or cartoon character and why?

My favourite cartoon character is Jerry Mouse, because he deals with obstacles in a quirky manner, he makes me laugh with his antics, and his facial expressions are priceless. And also, my son loves him.

12) How would you describe your sense of humor?

Weird, and a cross between English, South African, and something totally, totally strange.

Thanks Alex for consenting to do this interview!

(Author info, Book info, Affiliate links)
♥ Under the Dragon's Claw is available at these fine retailers: Amazon UK ~ Kindle ~ Book Depository ~ AbeBooks ~ Books-A-Million

♥ You can connect with Alex George on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Tumblr ~ Goodreads

♥ For more info on the author and his books please 
check out: Alex's website

Or see my spotlight of Under A Dragon's Claw which includes an excerpt!

Other Wacky Interviews

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Indie Spotlight ~ Under the Dragon's Claw by Alex George (Heartstone Talisman, #1)

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♥ High Fantasy Showcase ♥

Book Cover of Under the Dragon's Claw by Alex George

| Genre: High Fantasy
| Content: Dragons, Magic, Adventure

| Age: Adult and Young Adult
| ISBN-10: 0955877709
| ISBN-13: 9780955877704
| Publisher: Alphapex UK; 1 edition (January 11, 2014)
| Paperback: 710 pages
| Cover Artist: Steve Stone

♦ Blurb ♦

Dragons rule the skies. In the bowels of the mountains, Ogres lurk, tall as oaks, with groping claws and sharpened fangs. Theo, a mere sorcerer’s apprentice must face them all. To his will must bow Varwarker, Red Dragon Drake, favourite of Warlock Zarzbudin. For Theo has pledged to rescue Princess Adelayne, Shield Warrior of the Western Realms.

Mage Archon, tasked by his King, must succeed in his mission, no matter the cost, for everyone and everything is expendable. Theo can be of service. Just as his father before him, he will inadvertently be drawn into a web of deceit where foes can’t be parried with the sword.

A shadow has blanketed the land, and the time is come for brave hearts to take a stand. Serilia, budding Storm Wizard, must aid her brother Theo. Nem, a steadfast companion, will also be thrown into this explosive cauldron of strife and passion. Their combined efforts must hold the tide that threatens to destroy their world.

Just then, there was a loud banging noise on the doors, the Boom! Boom! sound echoing across the hall like a giant’s drumbeat. Grunts and moans from the other side reminded Theo of those he had encountered wandering through the nymph tunnels.

“Orgul.” Roxette confirmed.

“I want you to listen,” Archon said, his words quick and snappy. “I will tackle the beast alone. Flee as soon as the dragons arrive. You may need to abandon me.”

“Archon, we have not come so far together to—”

“Hush!” the mage interrupted Theo. “Do as I command or we will all perish. I cannot face the Orgul and guard your backs at the same time.”

He nodded grudgingly, seeing grim concern mirrored on the faces of his companions. Pounding fists rattled the door as the Orgul howled its fury. A nail broke through, tearing a chunk of wood so the gaping hole revealed its hideous face.

Archon placed himself a few yards from the door and spread his arms, a silvery white flame bathing him as he touched his gift. The Orgul used a huge axe to chop away at the doors and with a mighty final stroke shattered them, leaving the splintered wood hanging from its hinges. Horns burst through as it charged the wizard.

A red blur passed in front of Theo moments before he felt the battering wind from its passage. The red creature crushed into the Orgul sending it flying back towards the broken doors only an instant before it would have struck Archon with its axe.

“Varwraker!” Theo grabbed Roxette’s shoulder. She smiled at him. Now, just maybe...

Having recovered from his plunge, the dragon made to come back towards them but was held fast. Claws punctured the stone floor, scraping as his haunches bunched up. But he could not move. Muscles bulged on the Orgul’s chest, veins protruding from yellow skin as it held on tightly to the dragon’s tail. Varwraker roared in anger and frustration, blowing jets of flame at the yellow beast. Theo felt their heat from where he stood and lifted an arm to protect himself. Impervious to the flames, the Orgul started to reel the dragon in, a fisherman gathering its catch. Varwraker panicked. Thrashing and kicking his feet, he whipped the Orgul with his tail but it dealt with the blows with contempt, not even so much as flinching in response. Instead it wrapped thick arms about the dragon’s mid section, lifting him up and squeezing tightly so air expelled from his lungs.

Varwraker’s struggles became feebler, his thrashing tail striking ever lighter blows. The Orgul grabbed him by the tail and began to swing him. After a mighty heave, it released him, sending the dragon crashing into the walls. Dragon dealt with, it focused its attention on the mage. Behind the Orgul, a group of trolls and ogres popped their green heads through the splintered door, emerging from the hall beyond like snakes emptying from a pit. Theo felt a feeling of utter despair. How can Archon face so many? The mage shot forth white flame from his out-flung arms, causing the ogres and trolls to recoil in fear. The Orgul, lips pressed in a straight line, incisors biting down grimly, advanced steadily forward, the white flame expending itself on its tough hide. 

Fingers curled, hands reaching, it towered above Archon’s crouching frame. A silver bolt, a mass of scales, struck it in the chest, flinging it back at the doors for a second time. Adelayne’s steed, Assima, had smitten the Orgul with her body. 

Varwraker recovered from his battering and stepped closer. Assima turned, hissing a warning at him. 

“It’s alright, Assima!” Adelayne shouted. “The red one is a friend.” 

“Come let us leave before the yellow beast recovers,” Assima urged. 

“Sounds like a good idea,” Archon said, smirking at his companions as Roxette and Adelayne straddled Assima’s back. He and Theo clambered onto Varwraker. Theo motioned for Madura to sit behind him. 

“No, Theodor, I’m afraid our roads part here. This is where I belong.” Madura shook her head and inched back from them. “Run Theodor. Run whilst you can! Never return to the Witch Lord’s kingdom.” She turned and fled towards the shattered throne room doors. 

“Come. Rise!” Archon called out, and the two dragons launched themselves in the air.

Assima and Varwraker cleared the hall, but instead of climbing heavenwards, they plummeted to the abyss. Theo stared behind in horror at the Orgul clutching a dragon’s tail in each hand. It must have sprung at us before the dragons took flight. He swallowed as they sped towards certain death. 

He looked around at his companions and saw fear in their wide eyes. The dragons were beating their wings frantically, but were lacked the strength to lift the Orgul’s massive body. Theo heard a rumbling, laughing sound emitted from the Orgul’s throat, mocking them. For its pleasure it would to plunge them all to their death. 

Roxette stood up from her riding position and held her sword in one hand like an athlete. She hurled it spear-like at the Orgul. The sword flew true, planting itself deep in its throat to the hilt. The horned beast gave out a gurgled cry and released. Spinning round in leisurely circles it grew smaller and smaller as it was engulfed by the abyss.

Mercifully, Varwraker and Assima snapped their wings, buffeting the air, halting their fall and flapped their giant bat’s-wings, powerful strokes, to begin, at first, their slow ascent. Gaining height faster and faster, they soon soared well above the snow-smothered peaks. Having gained their desired altitude, they banked their wings due east heading for Alcavia’s coastline. 

Like shooting stars from the heavens, they sped through the mountains, one a streak of red, the other silver. A bird call drew Theo’s attention to the hawk with red plumage flying beside them. Archon named him, Farwing, and the Valdoric Sea Hawk responded with a cry of pleasure at their reunion. Winter’s cold breath descended as they fled before her. Only a couple of weeks remained till autumn would retreat to his halls. 

Their flight did not last more than an hour. Soon, the two dragons where descending over Alcavian skies. Theo looked down to see a widespread black body milling around the city. Like an army of soldier ants, it stretched out from the foot of the Dragon’s Foot Mountains all the way to Alcavia’s coast and the river Ankadar, and to the north as far as the Apalachus River. Smoke rose from the city in black tendrils as siege machines hurled their loads at the outer city walls. 

“Proceed with caution,” Archon screamed above the noise of the dragons’ passage. “Zarzbudin and his four reds will be somewhere close by and will come at us in stealth, striking when we are least prepared.” 

“I feel the presence of the red dragons further south, wizard, among those peaks yonder.” Assima nodded with her pointed snout at a spot where the lower peaks of the Dragon’s Foot Mountains bordered with the sea; a scattering of islands spread into the Valdoric Sea from the coast. 

“Keep alert until we reach the confines of the inner city walls.” 

As they approached the city, Theo could see the nymph army brandishing its weapons. In the front line, nymphs with shields were trying to scale the walls with ropes and ladders. The city defenders shot arrows in the nymph ranks, trying to dislodge the ladders from the walls. 

The nymph second line of attack was returning fire, the air filled with arrows whistling to and fro. Away from the range of fire, Orguls loaded huge boulders into the catapult machines and hurled them at the city walls. 

As they flew over the enemy, Theo could distinguish the nymphs’ faces snarling with hatred, shouting their battle cries at the city dwellers. They passed the outer wall where Alcavian soldiers massed together to repel the nymph attacks. Most of the soldiers wielded bows, firing at the offending army, whilst a few clusters engaged them on the walls, those nymphs who had managed to scale them. The Alcavian defences still held.

They came within the vicinity of the fortress. Down they went, wings clapping against the air as the dragons descended in all their glory to the palace grounds. Once grounded, the dragons stretched their wings out one last time before folding them in and craning their necks like swans alighting at a pond.

*Excerpt Source* Author
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Dragon gif page divider

Alex George is currently seeking reviewers for this book. If you are interested please contact him at any of the social networks listed below. Thanks!

♦ Author's Bio ♦

I was born and nurtured in London, and enjoy reading books of all types –with special emphasis on: fantasy, historical fiction (I love history that revolves around antiquity and the Middle Ages), science fiction, the classics, adventure, thriller, horror, and mystery. Of course, the thing I love most is to write fiction, but I’m also partial to drinking wine, enjoying culinary delights at a taverna, looking out at the Med Sea, dipping into the aquamarine to cool off.

Readers can visit me and ‘chat’ at my website:

♦ Reviews ♦ 

Amazon US ~ 6 Customer Reviews
Amazon UK ~ 3 Customer Reviews
Goodreads ~ 5 Reviews

(Author info, Book info, Affiliate links)
♥ Available at these fine retailers: Amazon UK ~ Kindle ~ Book Depository ~ AbeBooks ~ Books-A-Million

♥ You can connect with Alex George on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Tumblr ~ Goodreads

♥ For more info on the author and his books please 
check out: Alex's website

For more insight into Alex George, check out our Wacky Interview!
(About Indie Spotlights)

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Fun Fridays 10 ~ Can You Best the Genie?

Mulluane | Friday, March 21, 2014 | 9 Comments so far
Picture of a Genie's LampOMG! Is it Friday again! Sigh. Where does the time go. Well, I didn't get any reviews done but I did do all the research and prep for two Rain Wilds reviews and I have an Indie Spotlight and a Wacky Interview coming up for Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I think I'm going to spend the weekend prepping reviews. I've got to get ahead somehow so these weeks when I feel less than stellar I'll still have something to post.

Now on to the fun part. This week my warped brain came up with a crazy idea. This is going to be more in the nature of a game instead of a question. I do want to note that the success of this attempt to entertain is going to depend solely on you dear reader so please consider playing along. It has the potential to be a hoot!

Here is how I planned this out. I am going to play the part of your genie. Now as lore tells it, you have to watch genies. They tend to be really tricky and enjoy interpreting wishes in some strange ways.

So your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the perfect wish.

But it doesn't stop there! Oh no. You see I am going to put your wish to the test and in true genie fashion, I am going to try and grant it. Only in a way you did not intend.

Now you can play this three ways. You can just throw a wish out there and see what I do with it, you can try to craft the perfect wish and see if you can stump the genie or you can play genie yourself and try to twist other reader's wishes.

The choices are yours. You can do all three if you want or you can just sit back and watch the fun. But I really hope you play along! The more people who participate, the funnier this could become.

Don't like this scenerio? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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Fun Fridays 9 ~ My Imagination is so good, I think it is still Friday!!

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Well, it is actually Sunday but I figure better late than never right? I wasn't productive at all this week. My birthday was Tuesday and for one of my pressies I got a stomach virus. That kept me in bed for several days and weak for another. Yuk. I did manage to get a review up, (late), a few pins, twitter however was severely neglected
picture of gemstones
Anyway, since I didn't feel well this week I struggled to come up with a new idea, scenario, question but initially I failed. Then it hit me. I was thinking about my birthstone and how I pretty much don't like it. I started wondering if certain gems and stones resonated with certain people. Off to google I sped and dug up a chart with most of the popular stones and their healing and spiritual properties. Eureka! Another exercise with the potential to be entertaining.

So again the question can be answered in several ways depending on your mood and personality. Answer as many or as few as you want. If your favorite stone(s) aren't on the list, feel free to look it/them up and tell us what they signify.

♦ So on to the questions/challenges....

1.) You have a favorite stone(s) but you have no idea why it appeals to you so strongly. Check the list or google and see if it gives you an "ah ha!" moment. Then tell us what stone(s) and reason(s) you discovered.

2.) Or - you have a favorite stone(s) and you already know why it "speaks to you." Tell us what it is and why it resonates.

3.) If you dislike your birthstone (like I do) pick an alternative! (Then tell us about it.)

4.) Your parents never let you have a pet rock as a kid but you always wanted one. Using the chart, which one would you pick and why?

5.) You hate a certain gemstone because gnomes keep putting them in your shoes at night so you'll bruise your feet on them the next day. Tell us what your least favorite stone is and what you did to annoy the gnomes.

So without further chit-chat, here for your viewing pleasure is the following list-o-rocks.

In case the embedded document doesn't work (and this sort of thing rarely does in some feed readers, email and sometimes even in mobile) here is a direct link:  Healing-Crystals-and-Gemstones

Healing Crystals and Gemstones

♥ My Answers ♥

1.) You have a favorite stone(s) but you have no idea why it appeals to you so strongly. Check the list or google and see if it gives you an "ah ha!" moment. Then tell us what stone(s) and reason(s) you discovered.

♦ OPAL - Blue

Intensifies the need and ability to express emotions and creativity, enhances expression of repressed emotions; opens communication between people, people and pets, people and spirit guides; aids psychic hearing, sending and receiving, promotes empathy and telepathy; soothes the throat, opens the voice, calms. -- (This is my hands down favorite and here it is folks. My Ah Ha! moment. The above description explains alot.)


Optimism, Development, Stomach, Tension. -- (My second favorite is an odd little stone that I believe is actually man made but I adore it. This one I had to google. It is a pretty copper colored stone with thousands of gold sparkles. And *nods* I need help from all of its properties.)

3.) If you dislike your birthstone (like I do) tell us what it is and then pick an alternative! (Then tell us about it of course.)

AQUAMARINE (dislike)

Brings spiritual vision. It calms the mind and lifts the spirits. Preserves innocence. It is said to quicken the intelligence and lead to greater self knowledge. -- (Frankly I find to be a very boring little stone color wise and my innocence is long gone. Besides, I've tried the self knowledge thing. I ended up scared of myself...)

♦ AMETHYST (choice)

This purple or mauve colored quartz is used for meditation. It soothes the mind, raises the spirit, rebalancing and increasing awareness, assisting spiritual development, giving protection from negative vibrations. Amethyst  is a stone for change – of great use in healing and for easing pain, removes impurities from the blood and encourages sound sleep. Traditionally it was believed to protect from drunkenness. -- (I love deep purple and oh! Is that why I don't drink...)

4.) Your parents never let you have a pet rock as a kid but you always wanted one. Using the chart, which one would you pick and why?

♦ TIGER’S EYE - Golden 

Protects from witchcraft and evil. Attracts good luck and aids the insight into oneself. Makes one invisible to negative energy sources, protects against psychic attack; clears negative energy from the solar plexus, returns negative energy to its sender; protects travelers and automobiles from accidents; aids in ability to discern evil, aids physical visions -- (Oh my what a perfect pet! Nice kitty kitty. And they look like dragon eyes too...) 

5.) You hate a certain gemstone because gnomes keep putting them in your shoes at night so you'll bruise your feet on them the next day. Tell us what your least favorite stone is and what you did to annoy the gnomes.


Fills hara and kundalini line chakras and channels with light, connects with spirit guides and Goddess; merges karmic union marriage with soul’s life purpose, anchors spiritual union into earth plane bodies; fulfills marriage contract made with mate in the pre-life state, holds the template of the marriage, promotes harmony, and balance in relationship and marriage. A diamond retains the karmic imprint of the marriage even after the relationship of life of the wearer ends -- (I'm sorry but diamonds bore me to tears. (Kinda like that description.) A piece of Australian crystal is just as flashy and much cheaper. But I guess now I know why I failed at marriage... twice. As for why the gnomes keep putting them in my shoes. Well. *Blush* I accused them of stealing my socks and threatened to feed them to a dragon. I have since discovered it was actually my cat.)

So now it is your turn. Answer one or as many as you want and leave us a comment. This should be interesting (and educational!) Especially if we can get some of you suckers, ummm, I mean readers to come play along!

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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Fun Friday 8 ~ Time To Stretch Your Imaginations!

Mulluane | Friday, March 07, 2014 | 4 Comments so far
Well, it is Friday again and I wasn't as productive this week. Mainly because I didn't have any Indie posts to do. I did do a Magic Book Bag post. That took awhile to put together. I pinned a slew of new March SFF releases to their respective YA and Adult Pinterest boards. I put up the series summary post for The Worlds of Riverside. And of course I did some reading.

This week I'm going to switch things up a bit. Again the question can be answered in several ways depending on your mood and personality.
American Indian Clipart
One thing that has always fascinated me is the Native American's belief in spirit animals as totems, guides and/or guardians. The methods used to determine one's totem vary from tribe to tribe and I am certainly not going to ask you to go on a vision quest or anything. However I think it would be fun to see what you would choose as your spirit guide, if you had a choice. 

So after some searching I found the following list in the public domain with all kinds of totem animals and their characteristics.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the one that either closely matches your personality or one whose qualities you'd like to possess. Or both. Or you can pick several. Plus you can even explain why or just leave the reason to our imaginations. It is a long list so just come back to it when you have time. We'll wait...

So this week's question is...

Using the included list, what is your favorite spirit animal(s) and why? 

In case the embedded document doesn't work (and this sort of thing rarely does in some feed readers, email and sometimes even in mobile) here is a direct link: Totem Pole Animals and Their Meanings

Totem Pole Animals and Their Meanings

♥ My Answers ♥

1.) Closest match:

♦ Octopus = Intelligence, camouflage, nocturnal ♦

I was born under a water sign. I sleep mainly during the day. I'm good at fading into the background and I like to think I'm intelligent...

2.) What I'd like to have as a guide:

♦ Seahorse = Confidence and grace ♦

I pretty much lack both of those.

3.) Most fun to have as my guardian:

♦ Otter = Playful, friendly, dynamic, joy, helpfulness, and sharing ♦

Got to be one of my favorite animals and I love watching them play. Think of the fun I could have with this playful little creature watching over me!

So now it is your turn. Pick one or as many as you want and leave us a comment. This should be alot of fun if we can get some of you to come play along!

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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The Magic Book Bag: Fantasy Book Haul For March 6th, 2014

Mulluane | Thursday, March 06, 2014 | 5 Comments so far
So I was sleeping deeply, flying through my dreams on a jewel-toned Dragon, when a sudden thud shook the entire house and abruptly awoke me! Fearing the worse, I threw on a robe and rushed into my living room, just knowing my house was under some kind of dragonic attack. Instead, sitting in the middle of the floor, looking rather satisfied, was my magic book bag! 
Clipart of a huge blue bag
The rather substantial hole in my roof barely registered as I hurriedly undid the bag's ties in my haste to discover its hidden treasures. (By the way. Anybody have the number to a good roofer?)

Much to my delight, It was full to the brim with reading goodness!

I also discovered that my friendly dragon is only so generous. Strangely some of these got charged to my Amazon account. (I wonder how he got into my book funds. Never mind, he is a dragon. Who in their right mind would refuse him!?) But that's ok. Some of them were truly gifts so all is not lost! (Unless you count my roof.)

So here, for your viewing envy, umm, pleasure, is a look at the types of pressies you can get from a grateful dragon. (In case you missed it. The Magic Book Bag is my reward for removing a splinter the size of a small tree from said dragon's foot...)

First out the bag was Aerie by Mercedes Lackey! This was the final book of the Dragon Jousters so now I can review the whole series. Yay!
Book Covers of The Dragon Jousters by Mercedes Lackey

In Progress! ~ My Reviews: Dragon Jousters

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Next two books were Wings of Wrath and Legacy of Kings (Magister Trilogyby C. S. Friedman. I read and reviewed book one -- Feast of Souls -- several years ago here in the Belfry. I don't remember much except that I liked it. So I have decided to start from the beginning and review the whole thing on Dragons, Heroes and Wizards (DHW). Besides. I'm curious to see how the two reviews compare. Back then I was still "finding my voice" and those old reviews sometimes scare me. (OMG! I wrote that! It is like... a paragraph! That is NOT a review!) So I'm not even going to look at it -- yet. Once I do I'll likely start laughing... hysterically.

Book Covers of the Magister Trilogy by C. S. Friedman

Done! ~ My Reviews: The Magister Trilogy
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I reached back into this marvelous bag and pulled out my Kindle! What?!? What the heck is it doing in there! I powered it on, looked at the menu and to my surprise and delight it now contains the last 2 books in Robin Hobb's Rain Wilds Chronicles! Awesome! Now I can review that series too! Dragons do have some amazing powers it seems. (And yes I know the covers don't match but the series is undergoing a cover change and they haven't been updated on HarperCollins website yet.)

Book Covers of Rain Wilds Chronicles by Robin Hobb

Done! ~ My Reviews: Rain Wild Chronicles
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The next four books were a huge surprise all the way from Australia! I had no idea the dragon had such wonderful friends in such far off places. First out the bag was the entire Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells. Squeals!

I read and reviewed her King Rolan's Kin trilogy on DHW and I am thrilled to get the chance to read and review this series also.

Book Covers of the Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells

Done! ~ My Reviews: Outcast Chronicles
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Book Cover of The Price of Fame by R.C. DaniellsNext up was a copy of "The Price of Fame" which she wrote under the pen name of R.C. Daniells. This one is a Crime ~ Murder ~ Mystery ~ Paranormal ~ Modern type book that I am less likely to read. Not really my "thing" but who knows. I may get the urge sometime to check it out anyway.

So what do you think? Think this will keep me out of trouble for awhile? Once I finish with Robin Hobb's Rain Wilds Chronicles, which series would you like to see first? Second? 

I am going to read them all, but I can't decide which to do next. So I got the brilliant idea of letting you set the order. So comment with your preference and may the best series win!

And hey, that includes you -- yeah, you -- over there cowering in the corner. The dragon is gone now. You can come out and look at all the pretty books....

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