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Fun Friday #1 If you arrived in the afterlife and discovered it was required that you get a job, but it can be any job you want, what would you choose?
Fun Friday #2 If you discovered the Fountain of Youth which endowed you with immortality, what would you like to do with all that time?
Fun Friday #3 If you were a ghost, where, what or who would you like to haunt? 
Fun Friday #4 If you could be one mythical being, what would you be? 
Fun Friday #5 You have embarked on a trip to Mars. What three things would you take with you in case you crash and end up marooned?
Fun Friday #6 So if reincarnation is possible, what would you like to be reincarnated as?
Fun Friday #7 If you were offered a chance to perform only one miracle, what would it be?
Fun Friday #8 Using the included list, what is your favorite spirit animal(s) and why? 
Fun Friday #9 You have a favorite stone(s) but you have no idea why it appeals to you so strongly. Check the list or google and see if it gives you an "ah ha!" moment. Then tell us what stone(s) and reason(s) you discovered.
Fun Friday #10 So your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the perfect wish and see if you can outwit the genie! (Me)
Fun Friday #11 So this week it is time to play superhero! Or Villain. Or Sidekick. As usual pick as many as you want and explain why you would like to be your choice. 
Fun Friday #12 What Character From A Favorite Book Would You Like To Be?
Fun Friday #13 What Type Of Fantasy Character/Race Would You like to Be?
Fun Friday #14 What is your favorite Fantasy or Sci-fi joke?
Fun Friday #15 What is Your Favorite Fantasy Wizard?
Fun Friday #16 What is Your Favorite Fairytale?
Fun Friday #17 What Are The Most Important Aspects Of A Well-Written Fantasy Story?
Fun Friday #18 Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Witch?
Fun Friday #19 What Is Wrong With Fantasy Tropes?
Fun Friday #20 What is Your Favorite Fantasy Movie?
Fun Friday #21 If you had an important role in a fantasy novel: What Fantasy Profession Would You Prefer? 
Fun Friday #22 Are Sub-Genres Even Useful?
Fun Friday #23 I Want YOU To Create An Attraction For An Epic Fantasy Theme Park!
Fun Friday #24 Create A Fantasy Creature for my Theme Park Zoo!

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