Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Freaky Friday Fun Facts #3

Mulluane | Friday, August 23, 2013 | Be the first to comment!

A little of this, a bit of that and a couple of something else entirely. Oh an another bonus link at the end but remember, no skipping!

~~~SFF Goodies~~~

From Voyager Online:


*Blurb* Welcome to Geekileaks, a brand new weekly webcrawl where Voyager brings you the coolest, geekiest things scurrying around on the interwebz. Because loving SFF means never having to be bored when you’re procrastinating online. As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice: most everyone’s mad here.


From NBC News:

Diver who saved dolphin: 'He swam right up to me'

*Me* This is not a new story and I do not remember where I first read it but I remember it blew what little mind I have left. So I went looking for it so I could share.


From humanitysdarkerside:

The Oatmeal: Easy and fun explanations of some grammar rules

*Blurb* I wholeheartedly recommend The Oatmeal to those authors out there who sometimes have questions about their proper use of grammar. Their presentations are elegant and fun.

*Me* Oh I need these, badly! And they are comics too!


From Discovery News:

Medieval Poison Ring Used for Political Murders

*Me* Thought these were a Fantasy prop? Think again.


And for today's humor section

From The Blog of Peter V. Brett:

Bio Contest

*Me* Peat ran a contest for fans to create a new Bio for him. Seems he was bored with his old one. I chose to link to his "contests" search label so you could easily locate all 4 posts. Contest is closed but the entries are absolutely priceless.

~~~From Pat's Fantasy Hotlist~~~

Win a Copy of David Hair's Mage's Blood!

*Blurb* There is a definite buzz surrounding the release of David Hair's Mage's Blood, the first volume in The Moontide Quartet. And I have a copy up for grabs, compliments of the folks at Jo Fletcher Books!

*Me* You skipped ahead again didn't you. Sigh. I knew you would. Well come back once you entered the contest. I'll wait up for you.

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