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The Undivided (Rift Runners: Book 1)

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By Jennifer Fallon

The Undivided are divided.

The psychic twins Rónán and Darragh have been separated by a traitor Druid, Amergin, who has thrown Rónán through a rift into another reality. Now time is running out for Darragh. If Rónán isn′t found soon, they will both die.

Meanwhile, Ren Kavanagh has no notion of where he comes from and is plagued by mysterious injuries. Then he meets the enticing and mysterious Trása, and before he can figure out how it happened, he is in serious trouble ...

Ren′s life is about to become more bizarre and dangerous than he could ever have imagined.

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The Undivided (Riftrunners: Book 1) by Jennifer Fallon
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The Undivided (Rift Runners, #1)
| Genre: Urban Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0473254018
| ISBN-13: 9780473254018
| Publisher: Harper Voyager (January, 04 2011)
| Source: Kindle/Author/Review Requested
| Cover Art: by Darren Holt
| Paperback: 544 pages
| Rating: 3 Stars

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane

The Story. What if a world existed, separate but equal to our own, only instead of a world full of technology this world is filled with magic! Now lets take this one step further. What if, psychic twins, Rónán and Darragh, are separated at the age of three. Darragh residing in the world of their birth with Fae, magic and Druids while Rónán, totally unaware that he has a twin, resides in this world, with its fast cars, cell phones and advanced technology. Now lets ramp up the tension because time is running out. If Darragh does not locate his twin and bring him home to the land of his birth, both may soon be facing certain death.

My Thoughts. Ever so often I am asked to read something that falls outside of my comfort zone. I normally refuse but if it is written by one of my favorite authors sometimes I will give it a shot. This was the case with The Undivided.

Now to be perfectly honest, I did not even look this book up. I LOVE everything I have ever read by Jennifer Fallon so I jumped at the chance to check out this series. Going in blind was a mistake and as a result I am now presented with a challenge. How do you fairly review a book you did not like when the reason is not based on the quality of writing, characterization, worldbuilding or plot? No, the reason why I did not like the book is simple. I do not like mixing our world with alternate worlds. I read to escape this world, I do not like visiting it in my fantasy reads.

So was there anything I did like? Well, actually, yes. I loved everything that had to do with the alternate reality. The worldbuilding was exceptional. I loved the politics, I loved the magic system and I loved the various characters I met there. I feel very comfortable saying that if this entire story had taken place in the alternate, technology free world, I would have been ecstatic. Fae of all kinds, leprechauns, druids, werewolves, shapeshifters, magic and mayhem, backstabbing politics and even a Djinni! This was a rich, vibrant, world with great characters to love and hate. The alternate world gave my fantasy loving heart all I could wish for and in spades.

So what didn't I like? The portions of the book that took place in our world. But, I want to clarify that. My dislike had nothing to do with how the "real" world scenes were written. If you like that sort of thing I'd say they were written extremely well. A bit too well for my tastes. Everything I dislike about how our world functions is portrayed in loving detail. There are prime examples of lack of accountability, over dependence on technology, not to mention the inclusion of rabid hordes of media hounds that make even werewolves look tame. And the worse part? In most fantasy stories you can kill the werewolves without going to jail. You can't even slap the media.

Conclusion. Suffice it to say, I have a love/hate thing going on here. It is also apparent to me that I am the wrong person to review this book without prejudice. I was absolutely thrilled with the alternate reality and I am intrigued with where this series appears to be heading in terms of exploring other parallel worlds. On the other hand, the forays into our world ruined my immersion in the story. Everytime the storyline reverted to events taking place in our reality it felt like somebody grabbed me up by my hair and dropped me right into a nightmare I could not wake up from.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely! But only to readers who enjoy books which cross the boundaries between our world and alternate magical worlds. I know there are alot of you out there and I am confident that you will love everything about this tale. For folks like me who do not like crossovers, I highly recommend Jennifer Fallon's previous series as they rank high on my favorites list. So much so that I have worn out copies and had to buy new ones. As for me, I am hoping that someday she returns to this interesting celtic based world, only without the crossover into ours.

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Urban Fantasy Book Review of The Undivided (Rift Runners: Book 1) by Jennifer Fallon - Reviewed by Mulluane - on October 14, 2013 - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

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