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New Speculative Fiction Releases for 11/05/2013 ~ Part One

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Here are the first ten new releases which caught my eye: 

November is a huge month for new speculative releases so I will be making multiple posts to keep the slideshows from being too large. The following books are all being released on Nov 5, 2013 in the US.

Now, you ask, a slide what? What the heck am I supposed to do with this?


Step one, find a lovely book cover that catches your eye
Step two, click below the interesting book cover to read a portion of the blurb.
Step three, ooooo, the blurb is interesting too! So click on the book cover and go to Publisher's page for even more juicy details. They have lots of extra goodies there like trailers, and excerpts.
Step four, come back here {evil grin} and use the affiliate links listed below to buy the book.

OK, so step four is optional but booksellers are also another great resource for checking out book details. Besides, a girl can hope right? I also included Goodreads "add book" buttons in case you want to check there for any early reviews. Note: GR add book buttons are not visible in some feed readers.

Additional Instructions: If sideshow does not "play" or the speed I set it for is too slow, manual navigation is as simple as using the arrows at the bottom or you can tap, swipe, or click to either side of book cover to go forwards or backwards. I find that navigation is easier (bigger field) if blurb is hidden. You can also download a copy or open it in a separate window if you wish to view slideshow in full screen.

*Note* The term "New Release" can be misleading. While it frequently refers to a "new to the world" release, this is not always the case. Hardcovers are normally true "New Releases" but again, not always. Some books are never released in hardcover but skip straight to mass market. It can also refer to new format such as eBook, Mass Market, Trade or even a re-release of a book that was out of print. With this in mind, I included the actual editions being released in the link list below.

Goodreads and Affiliate Links:

B1. The Creature Department @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Hardcover/eBook
The Creature Department

B2. The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice)@ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Hardcover/eBook
The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice, #12)

B3. Starhawk (A Priscilla Hutchins Novel) @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Hardcover/eBook
Starhawk (A Priscilla Hutchins Novel)

B4. The Lair (Farm) @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Paperback/eBook
The Lair (The Farm, #2)

B5. Royal Airs (An Elemental Blessings Novel) @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Hardcover/eBook
Royal Airs (An Elemental Blessings Novel)

B6. Hell Bent: A Broken Magic Novel @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Mass Market/eBook
Hell Bent (Broken Magic, #1)

B7. Tour of the Merrimack: Volume Two @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Mass Market
Tour of the Merrimack: Volume Two

B8. The Golden City @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Paperback/eBook
The Golden City

B9. The Silvered @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Mass Market ~ Hardcover released last year
The Silvered

B10. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 12) @ Amazon ~ Book Depository ~ Mass Market ~ Hardcover released last year
Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

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