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2014 New Speculative Fiction Releases Board ~ Updated Frequently

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2014 New Speculative Fiction Releases Board

This is going to be a permanent Pinterest board just like the Giveaways Board, only in this case I will not be deleting outdated pins. As new SF/F/H books are released into the wild I will add them to this board. Board will always show the 30 most recent additions, newest at top left, oldest on bottom right corner. If you click on "See on Pinterest," found at the bottom of the widget, you can view the entire year to date. Since this is now a fixture, you will always be able to find it using the "New Releases" menu tab.

Instructions on how a Pinterest board embed works can be found below the widget: 
Mouseover each book image to see description.

Follow Shari Mulluane's board 2014 New Releases in Speculative Fiction on Pinterest.
(On touch screens and some feed readers, tap or click link to view)

♥ On PC ♥

Clicking on the covers only gives you an option to repin or signup/login and is only useful if you have or want a Pinterest account. However, you can simply mouse over the covers to reveal the full description. You can also view the entire board by clicking on "See on Pinterest" at the bottom. You do not need an account. Once on Pinterest you will see all the books and their descriptions in one place and can click through to publisher's book page for even more info.

♥ On Mobile ♥

You will see nothing but a link that says "Follow Shari Mulluane's board 2014 New Releases in Speculative Fiction on Pinterest." Tap the link and you will be taken to a mosaic of book covers similar to what PC viewers see inside this post.

Once you see the mosaic, you do want to click on the individual book covers. This takes you to the pin with its full description. Tap the cover once more and it will load the publisher's book page with more info. To make things even easier, Pinterest also included a thumbnail link at the bottom which takes you back to the mosaic itself.

The process is really simple and gives you a one stop destination for new releases that doesn't involve long unwieldy posts to scroll through. Each book image will link directly to the publisher's book page where you will find tons of additional info including excerpts, author info, the full synopsis, and sometimes a book trailer or sample chapters.

A Request: Because I am going to make this a single continuous board, I will not be able to monetize it with affiliate links. Affiliate links do not garner very much in the way of funds but they do help bloggers buy new books or pay for services needed to produce quality content. If you like this feature, please consider buying the books using one of the included search boxes below or by using an affiliate link on any of your favorite blogs. We will appreciate it more than words can express.

And as always, feedback on this feature is welcome. Enjoy!

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