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Fun Friday 11 ~ What Super Hero/Villain Would You Like To Be?

Mulluane | Friday, March 28, 2014 | 8 Comments so far
Oh Look! It is Friday again. Where does the time go! This week I did a bit better. I did a review, an Indie Spotlight and a Wacky Interview. I filled up my Giveaways board (worth a look. Some HUGE giveaways were added, prepped three more reviews, did alittle blog jumping, setup alot of pins, buffered a bunch of retweets, cleaned out my blog lovin back list,  and I even did a bit of cross posting to Tumblr. Now if only I could do that every week...

But enough about me.

This week I got the notion that I'd come up with a list of Superheroes, Supervillains, Team Members and Henchmen. Now the list I found is not perfect. Batman was mistakenly labeled Super Villain plus something went wrong with the formatting so page 3-4 are worthless but pages 1-2 have 76 possibilities listed and I figure that will be plenty! Plus it is a pretty varied list too so flaws aside I think it is perfect.

♦ So on to the questions/challenges....

So this week it is time to play superhero! Or Villain. Or Sidekick. As usual pick as many as you want and explain why you would like to be your choice. And if your personal favorite is not on the list, that is cool too! Just tell us anyway. The list is simply a guide. Oh and feel free to change any of them into either a male or a female -- depending on your personal preference -- so you don't have to restrict your choices. It is pretty much the powers that matter here and not the gender.

1.) What Superhero would you like to be and why?

2.) What Super Villain would you choose and why?

3.) Supposing you don't want the responsibility of being a mega hero, while knowing that the team workers often do all the important stuff anyway, which one would you be and why?

4.) Same as #3 only you want to be an evil henchman. After all they get to do all the really fun, really nasty jobs right? Which one and why?

5.) Create your own superhero/villain. You can combine any 2 or more heros, villains, henchmen, teammates, then come up with a name and powers for him/her/it. Or, create one of your very own from scratch!

Now let the frivolity begin...

In case the embedded document doesn't work (and this sort of thing rarely does in some feed readers, email and sometimes even in mobile) here is a direct link:  superheroes


♥ My Answers ♥

1.) Hero: She is not up there but I'd choose Catwoman. Why? Because she is dead sexy, is followed around by cats and purrs after she kicks your arse.

2.) Villain: Not much choice there. I'd say a female Magneto. Both flight and telekinesis appeal to my lazy side. Just think, no more traffic jams or parking nightmares. Just fly to the store! And want that remote your mate left clean across the room? Alittle concentration and you don't have to holler for them to come get it for you!

3.) Teammate: Organogirl. I love the water so diving without any apparatus sounds like alot of fun and at my age I have lots of things I'd like to regenerate....

4.) Henchmen: Black Ice. Know how many times I've said "if only I could have been a fly on the wall?" Well if I was invisible that would work just as well! And who doesn't want to be super intelligent? 

5.) Combo: Fang and Buffy. I think Fang the Vampire Slayer sounds funny as hell. Fang the Vampire Slayer could summon werewolves and would use them plus a combination of strength and martial arts to defeat the icky Vampires. Afterwards she can use her water breathing abilities to go on a long underwater swim to wash off all the blood!

So now it is your turn. Answer one or as many as you want, have fun with it and leave us a comment with your answers! I'm really looking forward to the results of this little exercise.

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. A disclaimer first: my knowledge of super-heroes is somewhat limited, so I guess I will have to be a little creative...

    1) My hero - or rather heroine - is not in the list: Aeryn Sun (from the tv show Farscape). She's brave, smart and she kicks ass in a *major* way. One of the more famous sentences is "shooting makes me feel better", and she says that while she struggles with the pain of childbirth during a firefight with some nasty aliens. Awesome.

    2) Villain: a she-Loki, without doubt. I find this character quite intriguing - not completely evil but not good either. Shades of gray wrapped in intelligence and humor...

    3) Hero team-mate: a Doctor Who companion, without doubt. They all get to see interesting places, and times, and if their lives become a little too complicated well... no pain, no gain, right?
    My favorite would be Martha.

    4) Villain team-mate: I always loved Babylon 5's Mr Morden, the Shadows' minion possessed of much suave grace hiding the danger underneath, much like a keen rapier inside a velvet sheat. So... Ms. Morden? :-)

    5) This required some though and I came up with Black Granger, i.e. a mix between Hermione Granger (she was far better than Harry and Ron put together and could run rings around them, IMHO) and the Black Widow - yes, another lady who is a major ass-kicker. Maybe because I'm not... We can dream, can't we?

    And this was FUN! **cheering**

    1. I'm kinda like you. I have some knowledge of superheros but only from TV.

      It is funny. I can't read Sci-fi or superhero books but I enjoy watching them on the tube.Even as a kid I never got into comics even though I was sorta 1/2 geek, 1/2 wild child. I had my patched bell bottom hiphuggers, lava lamp and blacklight posters right next to my rock collection, CB radio and Chess Club trophy :>P

  2. I've never been that keen on Superheroes, tho oddly enough I'm working my way thru a series built around them right now. {odd smile} A question kind of related to #5 helped me decide not to delurk into a fan group. I just didn't think they'd appreciate my answer. I don't think that's as much of a problem here; you've never minded off-the-wall answers before, even if they do head straight down a path you didn't foresee. {Smile}

    So... 1,2,3&4. Yes, I'm lumping them. You see, I can't think of anyone - real or fictional - who I'd like to actually be. When I try to imagine being them - or even being like them while in similar circumstances - I feel like I'd lose myself in becoming them. That's too high a price to pay, no matter what benefits I might gain. With all my problems, all my faults, all my limitations, and all my frustrations, I'd rather remain myself. {Smile}

    That said, 5 has a different answer, tho still not one most would expect. Yes, I want to remain myself, but I wouldn't mind having a few extra abilities. There are a few areas where I'm distinctly lacking. {odd smile}

    I'd like better balance. It doesn't have to be boosted like a super ability. It doesn't even have to be as good as a dancer's, tho I wouldn't mind the ability to dance. I'd be content with the ability to ride in a car without a sharp bump, turn, or stop messing up my ability to walk, and the ability to go up and down stairs with my hands free to carry things, instead of having to set down my purse so it doesn't interfere with using my cane and the railing to help me manage. Those would make more difference to me than almost anything. {Smile}

    I'd also like better hearing. Again, it doesn't have to be "super-powered." The ability to watch TV and movies without subtitles, or the ability to listen to the lyrics as well as the music of a song would be great. {pause} The greatest gift of all would be the ability to listen to a friend's voice recording without cadging a transcript or crying tears of sheer exhaustion from trying to understand without written words. {wistful smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. So basically you want to be... SUPER CAT! (Think Puss-N-Boots only without the boots.... oh, and female.)

      Balance - check
      Super hearing - check
      Dancing - check (just watch Shrek, you'll see)
      Sing songs - check (see above)
      Use stair rail - as a walkway
      Carry a purse up stairs - check
      And of course since you are SUPER-CAT, you'll still be able to read.

      Added advantages:
      Can dust furniture with tail!
      Can keep the house mouse free with a single bound!
      Has incredible powers of concentration!
      Handles sudden mood swings with ease!
      Has limitations, faults, problems and frustrations but solves them by nonchalantly licking a paw!
      And the best advantage of all? Never has to take a bath!

      Now all we need is a better name than SUPER-CAT!

    2. I like this Super-Cat. I hadn't thought of the cat in Shrek, but he does fit, doesn't he? {SMILE}

      I agree about needing a better name, but I'm not sure what that would be. {SMILE}


  3. 1. Superman is the obvious choice but he is sooo boring. Nothing can really beat him, not that I'd want to be beaten. i was radiactive last week for a short while and was very disappointed not to have turned into Spiderman so that would have to be it.

    2. super villain - the devil. He surely has to be the head honcho.

    3. Sidekick - wonder woman. Hmmmm.

    4. Henchmen. the daleks, naturally.

    5. Combo, Jet-ski batman. Not sure why, it was the first thing that popped into my head. Batdragon??? Snailman. There's no end to the fun in this...

    1. And the funniest part of all? YOU are the evil mastermind behind this weeks little exercise. {evil grin}

    2. Me??? Gosh.

      I'm still thinking about snail man. You'd at least have your own home with you for leisurely breaks. Not sure about his abilities though. He could slime the opposition. May take him a while to get there though. He could climb walls but getting through windows might be a problem.


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