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Fun Fridays 10 ~ Can You Best the Genie?

Mulluane | Friday, March 21, 2014 | 9 Comments so far
Picture of a Genie's LampOMG! Is it Friday again! Sigh. Where does the time go. Well, I didn't get any reviews done but I did do all the research and prep for two Rain Wilds reviews and I have an Indie Spotlight and a Wacky Interview coming up for Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I think I'm going to spend the weekend prepping reviews. I've got to get ahead somehow so these weeks when I feel less than stellar I'll still have something to post.

Now on to the fun part. This week my warped brain came up with a crazy idea. This is going to be more in the nature of a game instead of a question. I do want to note that the success of this attempt to entertain is going to depend solely on you dear reader so please consider playing along. It has the potential to be a hoot!

Here is how I planned this out. I am going to play the part of your genie. Now as lore tells it, you have to watch genies. They tend to be really tricky and enjoy interpreting wishes in some strange ways.

So your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the perfect wish.

But it doesn't stop there! Oh no. You see I am going to put your wish to the test and in true genie fashion, I am going to try and grant it. Only in a way you did not intend.

Now you can play this three ways. You can just throw a wish out there and see what I do with it, you can try to craft the perfect wish and see if you can stump the genie or you can play genie yourself and try to twist other reader's wishes.

The choices are yours. You can do all three if you want or you can just sit back and watch the fun. But I really hope you play along! The more people who participate, the funnier this could become.

Don't like this scenerio? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. Oh well, the first idea that came off the top of my head was: I want a time-dilation device that will allow me to stretch what little free time I have, so I can devote it to my favorite pursuits. It would be nice if said time-dilation gizmo had a... reverse switch, so that I could speed up time in those circumstances where it crawls at a snail's pace.
    What do you say, oh Mighty Genie, is that possible? *g*

    (this promises indeed to be FUN!)

    1. Carefully considering the wording of Maddalena's request, the Mighty Genie snaps her fingers and hands Maddalena a gizmo. On the gizmo there are two settings. The slow switch is labeled... Snail and the reverse switch is labeled... Cheetah.

      Now Maddalena can slow time to a snail's pace, by becoming... a snail. And when she wants to speed up her pursuits she can become... a Cheetah, which is a wickedly fast pursuer.

      The Mighty Genie just hopes those pursuits do not require the use of fingers... or thumbs.

    2. Ahem... Unless the Genie has changed his past habits, I think I can ask for two more wishes **crafty grin**
      One of them would be to require opposable digits no matter what form the Fabled Gizmo bestowed on me. Is that within your powers, Benevolous-but-Mischievous Genie?

      PS: I'll try to clean the trail of snail slime on my way out, don't worry... :-D

    3. Ah but see oh Magnificent Maddalena, the post asks for but one.

      However, since I technically gave you two already, and you called me benevolent, I shall endeavour to grant your third wish. Well, that and you'll need digits to clean up the snail slime. There will however be a small penalty for referring to my habits as "his."

      Ummm, now where to put your digits since neither creature has arms. I know! I'll replace your antennae and whiskers respectfully.

      *Snaps* You now have hands growing out of your faces!

      Not sure how much good they will be without arms though...

    4. *OUCH*
      Before I let myself be ensnared in this dangerous game, I should have remembered that famous maxim "Do not meddle in the affairs of SHE-Genies, because they are subtle and quick to anger..." Yes, ok, it was wizards, but still....
      :-D :-D :-D :-D

      Well, I'd better slink away as unobtrusively as possible, before you decide to bestow more generosity on me. At least I will be able to *wave* my goodbye, not being sure how snails or cheetas can articulate that...

      PS: ROTFL

  2. I've spent more time searching for items I want recently, only to find I need to go back to where I started when transportation isn't the easiest to come by. So I want a way to find things more quickly, with fewer disparate stops along the way. {Smile, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Oh geez Anne. Now how am I going to be all "Evil, Wicked, Tricky Genie" for that wish? I know how hard it is for you to get around.

      Lets see. How about I go with mostly "Evil, Wicked, Tricky Genie"

      *The Mighty Genie snaps her fingers*

      Here! A magic telephone book that instantly gives you a list of phone numbers to the places which might have your stuff and highlights the ones along your projected travel route!

      *ducks as Anne throws her shoe at my head.*

      Ha! You mis... *mumbles something around the second shoe now firmly embedded in my big mouth*

  3. {thoughtful look} Oddly enough, that might have helped this week. Maybe. At least if Dad had given more warning about heading to Office Max the day he took it in his head to go. No, I didn't even have time to research much online, which might or might not have helped, too. So when we headed to Office Max, I didn't know that 110 was about as high as the weight went anyway. Not that learning that when I came back helped me avoid a trip to Ben Franklin. I was sure they'd have something heavier that just happened to be called "posterboard" or something instead of "cardstock." No, their poster wasn't thicker, just larger and more expensive. Since I'll be cutting whatever I get down to book cover size, larger didn't help at all. Now I just need to get back to Office Max to get the stuff I saw the first time. Of course we haven't had the time or energy to return there yet. I'm beginning to suspect I'll have to call Mandy and get her to take me back. She's a friend of the family who we pay to clean house for us. She'll charge to take me around, but not nearly as much as a taxi. Not nearly as conveniently as a taxi, either, since we do have to arrange things days ahead, but at least Dad doesn't fuss over the expense. {resigned look}

    Anyway, if I could have checked ahead, and known what questions to ask when I did, I might have my cardstock already. {lop-sided Smile}

    1. Heh, sounds like my trip out. I got an urge to paint new clay flower pots this year. I got all the paint, the brushes, the polyurethane, the stencils and then went 3 places looking for the easiest item, (I thought) the pots. I came home with... no pots, my ankles and back flat out killing me plus a huge flare of sciatica. :>P


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