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The Magic Book Bag: Fantasy Book Haul For March 6th, 2014

Mulluane | Thursday, March 06, 2014 | 5 Comments so far
So I was sleeping deeply, flying through my dreams on a jewel-toned Dragon, when a sudden thud shook the entire house and abruptly awoke me! Fearing the worse, I threw on a robe and rushed into my living room, just knowing my house was under some kind of dragonic attack. Instead, sitting in the middle of the floor, looking rather satisfied, was my magic book bag! 
Clipart of a huge blue bag
The rather substantial hole in my roof barely registered as I hurriedly undid the bag's ties in my haste to discover its hidden treasures. (By the way. Anybody have the number to a good roofer?)

Much to my delight, It was full to the brim with reading goodness!

I also discovered that my friendly dragon is only so generous. Strangely some of these got charged to my Amazon account. (I wonder how he got into my book funds. Never mind, he is a dragon. Who in their right mind would refuse him!?) But that's ok. Some of them were truly gifts so all is not lost! (Unless you count my roof.)

So here, for your viewing envy, umm, pleasure, is a look at the types of pressies you can get from a grateful dragon. (In case you missed it. The Magic Book Bag is my reward for removing a splinter the size of a small tree from said dragon's foot...)

First out the bag was Aerie by Mercedes Lackey! This was the final book of the Dragon Jousters so now I can review the whole series. Yay!
Book Covers of The Dragon Jousters by Mercedes Lackey

In Progress! ~ My Reviews: Dragon Jousters

Dragon Page Divider

Next two books were Wings of Wrath and Legacy of Kings (Magister Trilogyby C. S. Friedman. I read and reviewed book one -- Feast of Souls -- several years ago here in the Belfry. I don't remember much except that I liked it. So I have decided to start from the beginning and review the whole thing on Dragons, Heroes and Wizards (DHW). Besides. I'm curious to see how the two reviews compare. Back then I was still "finding my voice" and those old reviews sometimes scare me. (OMG! I wrote that! It is like... a paragraph! That is NOT a review!) So I'm not even going to look at it -- yet. Once I do I'll likely start laughing... hysterically.

Book Covers of the Magister Trilogy by C. S. Friedman

Done! ~ My Reviews: The Magister Trilogy
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I reached back into this marvelous bag and pulled out my Kindle! What?!? What the heck is it doing in there! I powered it on, looked at the menu and to my surprise and delight it now contains the last 2 books in Robin Hobb's Rain Wilds Chronicles! Awesome! Now I can review that series too! Dragons do have some amazing powers it seems. (And yes I know the covers don't match but the series is undergoing a cover change and they haven't been updated on HarperCollins website yet.)

Book Covers of Rain Wilds Chronicles by Robin Hobb

Done! ~ My Reviews: Rain Wild Chronicles
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The next four books were a huge surprise all the way from Australia! I had no idea the dragon had such wonderful friends in such far off places. First out the bag was the entire Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells. Squeals!

I read and reviewed her King Rolan's Kin trilogy on DHW and I am thrilled to get the chance to read and review this series also.

Book Covers of the Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells

Done! ~ My Reviews: Outcast Chronicles
Dragon Page Divider

Book Cover of The Price of Fame by R.C. DaniellsNext up was a copy of "The Price of Fame" which she wrote under the pen name of R.C. Daniells. This one is a Crime ~ Murder ~ Mystery ~ Paranormal ~ Modern type book that I am less likely to read. Not really my "thing" but who knows. I may get the urge sometime to check it out anyway.

So what do you think? Think this will keep me out of trouble for awhile? Once I finish with Robin Hobb's Rain Wilds Chronicles, which series would you like to see first? Second? 

I am going to read them all, but I can't decide which to do next. So I got the brilliant idea of letting you set the order. So comment with your preference and may the best series win!

And hey, that includes you -- yeah, you -- over there cowering in the corner. The dragon is gone now. You can come out and look at all the pretty books....

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  1. I'm not sure, most of them look interesting. Maybe the Dragon Jousters? {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. We were discussing that one not too long ago :>)

  2. Nice gift-bearing dragon!
    And here I thought they spent their time just sitting on hoards of gold and spewing fire at the slightest opportunity! :-)

    1. Its helps to be handy with a chainsaw. I carry one with me everywhere I go now just in case I find another dragon with a tree splinter in its foot.

      I'm not sure it really hurt him or anything but it was interfering with running his treasure through his claws. No no no, can't have that. The tree splinter had to go.

      Now if I can just teach him to leave the bag on my porch....

    2. What was the title of that movie? "How to train your dragon"...
      That could be a good starting point! **wink**


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