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Fun Friday 12 ~ What Character From A Favorite Book Would You Like To Be?

Mulluane | Friday, April 04, 2014 | 6 Comments so far
Yay! It is Friday! Whirlwind week on the homefront. I think everybody in the house something going on this week and since I'm the driver for one of my roommates, that meant I wasn't at home much. Add to that a bunch of weird computer problems I spent hours unsuccessfully trying to fix and I'm just plain old tired. Got some reading done though. Did some more future review post prep. Got the review of City of Dragons up.

But enough about me.

This week I want you to think really hard and tell us which character from any of your favorite speculative fiction worlds you would most like to trade places with.

Oh and of course, for those of us possibly unfamiliar with said character, explain who they are and why you'd like to be them.

♥ My Answer ♥

Surreal SaDiablo by chanandra on DeviantArt

If asked what my favorite fantasy world is I'd blurt out "Anne Bishop's Realms Of The Blood" without any hesitation. Now the rest of my answer is a bit more complicated. I basically had two choices for favorite. Jaenelle Angelline is the main character and for alot of reasons I'd love to pick her. But that poor girl goes through such horrible trauma I don't want to actually BE her. I'll stick with admiring her instead.

The one I'd like to actually trade places with is Surreal SaDiablo. Surreal is a kickass assassin with a unique cover. She is a high priced prostitute with the rare privilege of picking her own clients. And oddly enough, alot of her clients end up very very dead. She is funny, smart and deadly but can also be kind, compassionate and loyal. What a woman! I could write a book about all the reasons why I love Surreal but if you really want understand it thoroughly I highly suggest reading the books. Or you can just check out Chanandra's rendition of her. Who wouldn't like to be Surreal!

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. Mmmm... That Surreal lady sounds like a very interesting character! And I will certainly take a peek at the books... You are *dangerous*!!!! LOL

    As for me, it didn't take me long to decide: Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan - from Lois McMaster's Bujold Vor Saga ( wins without even making an effort. At the start of the series she's the captain of a cartographic survey ship; later on she goes to live on Barrayar, a planet where military prowess is valued above all, and she proceeds to change their outlook - not by storm, but by example. Her son Miles - the true protagonist of the saga - has such physical disabilities that would make him a pariah on Barrayar, but through Cordelia's teaching, and her love, he learns to use his huge intelligence and wits to carve a place for himself. Even though Miles is the main character, Cordelia's figure is always there: as an example, as a source of wisdom and strength, and as a rock of certainty.
    She might just be a character, but to me she is also the example of what a well-rounded person could and should be.

    1. I know right! You caught on with lightening speed! I found a way for us to pimp our favorite books/series while having a good time doing it. Mahahahaha...

      Now if I could just buy some more comments.



    2. Book ping-pong? Has a nice ring to it.... :-)

  2. First, I wouldn't want to be any other character. I don't want to lose what makes me be myself. However, I can think of a couple who I might be interested in trading places with.

    They aren't major characters in any series. I've noticed the same thing Mulluane did: the most fun characters to read about tend to have things happen that, given a choice, I'd just rather not have to live thru personally. That cuts out every major character I've been able to think of since I first read this post last night. (I'm afraid life didn't let me reply sooner. {apologetic smile})

    Looking at minor characters... in most of my favorite series, even the minor characters have too much happen to them that I'd honestly rather not deal with. The two exceptions I can think of are both in the Pern world, in stories by Anne McCaffrey. My favorite characters to read about there are Menolly of the Harper Hall Trilogy and Nerilka of _Nerilka's Story_. Nerilka lives in a time with enough a nasty enough plague, I'd rather not go anywhere near it, but Menolly... I don't want to be her with all the trouble her parents give her, but Audiva, the girl she makes friends with once she gets to Bardic Hall, doesn't have nearly as much trouble. She isn' as good a musician as Menolly, but neither am I. Besides, that lets her get help from Menolly, which seems pretty neat, too. {SMILE}

    The other Pern character I like is Tenna. She's the lead of the minor short story "Runner of Pern." The Runner's Guild lets girls become runners, too, and she very much wants to. She doesn't have major trouble with her relatives or anything else to make life too unpleasant. Maybe that's why she only got a short story, but it's also why I wouldn't mind living a life not too different from hers. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Oh that brings back fond memories. I loved Menolly too. Jaxom was my favorite though. And Ruth of course. I always have a fondness for the underdog.

    2. Yes, book characters do live *interesting* lives and in the cold light of day we would not trade places with them most of the time but... Isn't it safe (and fun) to do so from the safety net of our position as readers? ;-)
      IMHO it's much like watching a documentary about people who go deep-sea diving or exploring volcanoes: you stay on your side of the screen, admire their endeavors and risk nothing... *g*


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