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Fun Friday 16 ~ What is Your Favorite Fairytale?

Mulluane | Friday, May 02, 2014 | 17 Comments so far
Friday! Barely. I was out all day so this post is running a bit late but it is not midnight yet so I figure I'm still good... right?

So lets start with my week in a small nutshell.

  • Posted Weekly Quote #4 ~ Patrick Rothfuss
  • Finished "Exiled" by Rowena Cory Daniells, review on Monday
  • Setup a week's worth of photo sets to tumblr
  • Finally decided to cross post some reviews to Amazon. Not convinced it is not a complete waste of time but we'll see.
  • Didn't post much to Pinterest. Man I'd give my right foot to have a way to schedule pins.
  • Did a round of thank you tweets. (Followers, favoriters, and retweeters.) Would look spammy to thank them each individually every day so I make a list. On Fridays I send out my thanks to 5-6 people at a time, scheduled atleast an hour or two apart. Less spammy and it fits in with the #FF tradition.
But enough with the social media tips, on with the question!

This week again depends on viewer participation. (As do they all.)

I want to know what is your favorite fairytale! Could be the first one that stands out in your memory or could be the one that had the most influence on your life.

Fairytale castle Source:

It doesn't have to be one from your childhood. Some people don't read their first fairytale until they are much older. It just has to be one that still makes you smile, or sad, or laugh, or taught you a valuable life lesson.

♦ My Answer ♦ 

The one that has always stuck in my mind is a very simple and yet very profound little tale about a dog carrying a bone. He sees his reflection in some water, and doesn't realize it is only a reflection. All he sees is another dog holding a bone and being greedy, drops his bone with the intent of grabbing the other dog's bone. Ultimately ending up with... nothing at all.

This old fable not only taught me the consequences of greed, it did so in a way that stayed with me throughout my entire life. Proving that fairytales are not just for putting little kids to sleep at night!

So how about you? What is your favorite Fairytale and why?

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Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. Childe Rowland. I didn't even have to think about it. He's my favorite of all "my boys," and his story is my favorite tale. I first found it in a book my de-facto godparents gave me right around the time I turned into a teenager. {Smile}

    Here's a Wikipedia entry on the tale, complete with synopsis: . It's far too short, but it does cover the major points. {Smile}

    I love it - and him - because of the importance of family in the tale. Childe Rowland doesn't go off to rescue some princess he's never so much as seen in hopes of winning her father's kingdom. He goes to rescue his sister and two older brothers because they're his siblings, and he wants them back home safe. The fact that in the version I first met up with his mother promised he'd inherit the kingdom when she gave him his father's sword is really beside the point. He'd already decided he was going to try to rescue them, even if his oldest brother would reasonably be expected to rule the kingdom next as the oldest son. {Smile}

    Childe Rowland was the first fairytale, folktale, or legend I found that made caring relationships the center and driving force of the story. It's still one of the best at that which I know of. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Interesting how that still influences your reading preferences today. Correct me if I'm wrong but you still prefer character-driven, emotionally-driven fantasy even now. (And I will throw in yet another you NEED to read the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb.)

    2. True, I do like that. Most of the stories that I'd consider runners up are that way, too: both character-driven and relationship-driven. That includes the Japanese fairytale "Issunboshi," the Hawaiian legend "Kawelo," the Arthurian legend, "Caradoc of the Shrunken Arm," and to a lesser extent two stories in the cycles of Charlemange, "Huon of the Horn," and "Ogier the Dane." {Smile}

      {chuckle} I guess I will have to search that trilogy out. Thank, Mulluane. {SMILE}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. What a walk down Memory Lane!

    I remember there was a book I loved as a child, concerning a group of animals living in the woods: the main character was a bird and their enemy was a snake that in the end - if memory assists me - died saving his former "victims" from some terrible danger, after repenting for his evil deeds. It caught my imagination quite a bit, and I know I loved it very much: before posting this, I did a search on the internet, since I still remember the title of the book, but I could find nothing. Which saddens me a great deal....

    1. That surprises me (the can't find part) It is likely still out there but buried in a large volume of fairytales.

      Story of heroic sacrifice and redemption. Awesome!

  3. The Emperor's New Clothes always gave me nightmares. Can I relate it to my life - I hope I've never gone around naked. That's a common dream- or at least I hope so and it probably means that you are feeling vulnerable. Shrek is my favourite Fairy Tale cartoon - by far. Need inspiration then check out this list

    1. I thought about adding a list but I reconsidered because we all come from different cultural backgrounds. You for example are in the UK while Maddalena is in Italy, Anne in Hawaii, me on east coast and my dear lady SparklingBlue is somewhere in the US. There are alot of fairytales I believe are universal but it is likely there are just as many that are local favorites.

      So no list.

      And, my dear friend, your choice explains alot. You see, when you write (or speak) for an audience you are supposed to image that THEY are naked... not that you are naked

      {rolls eyes}

    2. Oops. Did I get that wrong? :)

  4. Beauty and the Beast (The Disney version is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters) Plus, it has a great message--that even the most "undesirable" can learn to love and be loved

    1. Disney does a superb job of making movies with hidden lessons that apply to all ages. They took a simple premise and turned it into a priceless life lesson that we all should pay more heed to.

    2. I'm a bit of a beast - does that count? :)

  5. Interesting how these answers reveal a glimpse into what is important to each one of us.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I want to note that I removed this comment, not because it was critical, but because the profile is obviously fake and the comment contained a spammy link.

      I do welcome critical comments as long as they are not masking spam. If you wish to resubmit your comment, without the link, it will not be deleted.

  7. First time here, I dropped by from Tia's blog. :) My first fairytale is `The Twelve Dancing Princesses.' I found it in a Grimm's Fairy Tale collection when I was in second or third grade, and it gave me the creeps in the best way. It really influenced my later love of mysteries (if you think about it, the soldier is an early detective.)

    Part of the reason the story stuck with me was because I couldn't figure out the relationship between the eldest princess and the soldier. They spend the whole story with her trying to best him, knowing if she does he'll die- and then he marries her? It wasn't until I saw Han and Leah, and Benedick and Beatrice, that I actually got it!

    1. Welcome! Tia rocks! She was my very first "blogger" friend back in the day and holds a special place in my heart :>)

      I'll have to reread that one (I have it in my kindle) but I am familiar with that type of "ah ha!" moment.

      Perfect answer and exactly what I was looking for!

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

    2. That's not one that I remember. It is amazing how many i do know though.


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