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Fun Friday 20 ~ What is Your Favorite Fantasy Movie?

Mulluane | Friday, June 06, 2014 | 14 Comments so far
Another Friday, another frivolous question to play with! This is a quick and easy one, maybe. Sometimes it is really hard to pick a favorite but I know you all are up to the task!

So here is the usual weekly recap before we move on to the fun stuff.
  • Posted Weekly Quote #9 ~ A.A. Milne
  • No reviews. I have a couple of tomes I'm reading that I haven't finished yet.
  • Added some old reviews to Goodreads. Never hurts to recycle content
  • Same with Twitter, Scheduled 4 old posts a day to go out in 3-4 hour intervals.
  • Scheduled the next 3 quotes to go live every Thursday. I need to do this more often.
Now on to the Question! 
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What is your favorite fantasy movie? 

Now before we get started, this is strictly Fantasy. No Star Wars. No Avengers. More like Shrek, Harry Potter, or Ice Age. In other words no Sci-fi. Now I could do a starter list but this question really doesn't need one. I'm betting most of you already know your answer.

♦ My Answer ♦

Neverending Story. Hands Down. This is the first Fantasy movie I ever fell in love with so holds a special place in my heart. Just like all first loves usually do. I've seen all three but it was the first one that won my heart. The others were just gravy.

So what is your favorite? If you just can't pick one, feel free to do a list. We won't mind. 

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. {pause} It's really a tie between The Dark Crystal and The Lord of the Rings for me. LOTR helped me get into the books, and a piece of the fandom, and has generally done a lot for me in the past decade and a half, so part of me thinks that should just be my answer. It's probably had more direct effect on my adult life than anything else. {Smile}

    However, you mentioned that the first always sticks with you. Well, for me, the first movie to show me that a fantasy movie could be more than just a kiddie show was The Dark Crystal. That was the first one with enough depth to be worth re-watching soon to add layers missed, and the first to touch me deeply. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. I'm not familiar with The Dark Crystal but I can empathize with the effect of LOTR. I generally find movies to be lacking compared to the book(s). If they don't completely ruin them for me.

      That is the main reason I avoid TV/Movie versions of books I've read. For example I refuse to watch Game of Thrones. I have certain pictures in my head and I don't want them replaced with someone else's interpretation.

    2. I usually agree with you about movies and books. However, in the case of the Lord of the Rings, it worked out better than I expected. I'd tried to get into the Lord of the Rings, and just failed to connect well enough to keep reading. The first movie kind of gave me enough of a roadmap to get thru the first book. Then the second movie gave me enough more to get thru as much of the second book as the movie did. The third movie helped me finish the second book and start the third before a serious stall occurred. Then I just had to barrel thru the block, but I was far enough along, I could. {Smile}

      However, that's unusual for me. With most movies, I'd rather just read the book, even if it's a novelization of a movie. Then, as you say, I can admire the pictures I want to see. Also, books normally are better at developing both motivations and relationships than movies, and those are usually my favorite parts. {SMILE}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. The first LOTR movie, no doubt. No matter the liberties P. Jackson took later with the story and the characters (some justified, some... less so) The Fellowship of The Ring represents my visual and emotional immersion in Middle Earth, the possibility of finally seeing landscapes and characters that had only found life in my imagination. And what the movies did right, in this case, was to share that vision in a wonderful and satisfying way.

  3. Stardust, followed by LOTR and the Hobbit. Stardust was just a nice movie with some very good humour. I loved Michelle Pfeifer's witch. She was incredible.

  4. I forgot Conan, and Princess Bride and Willow and...

  5. I'd have to say the LOTR movies, but I also really liked Labyrinth and the Princess Bride. And Ladyhawke! Does that count as fantasy?

  6. All great answers! Sorry for the delayed response, I'm having one of those crazy chaotic weeks :>)

    1. Thanks for explaining. I was wondering what had happened to you. {Sympathetic Smile}


    2. Yeah I may go into more depth in today's post. I don't want to lose any fans (and I will) because this household is upside down atm. Hopefully if I explain more fully I'll lessen the damage :>)

    3. I hope so. You've hit one of those rough patches where some part of life has to give somewhere. {Sympathetic Smile}


    4. We will stick with you. Mulluane. I'm having a sticky patch too so we understand. great site by the way!!


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