Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Friday 21 ~ What Fantasy Profession Would You Pick?

Mulluane | Friday, June 13, 2014 | 20 Comments so far
Another Friday, another thought provoking question to play with! 

So here is the usual weekly recap before we move on to the fun stuff.
  • Posted Weekly Quote #10 ~ Christopher Paolini
  • No reviews. Still reading.
  • Continued scheduling old reviews to go out on Twitter. Scheduled 4 old posts a day to go out in 3-4 hour intervals. Not getting alot of clicks but every click is one more I may have never gotten otherwise.
  • Posted the cover reveal of Terry Goodkind's new book.

*Static* (We now interrupt this post for some important information...) *Beep*

I want to take a minute to address some personal stuff. I'll try to be brief.

You may, or may not have noticed a slower response time on replying to comments and posting reviews. Here is the deal. The resident House Dragon (ie the BF), is scheduled to have angioplasty on his legs. Right now we are in the pre-surgery tests stage. His sister, who lives with us, is scheduled for knee surgery, both legs, sinus surgery, jaw surgery and we have no idea what the plans are for her back. She is also in the pre-surgery testing stage but is a non-driver so I am her chauffeur. It is not unusual to have a doctor's appointment of some kind (often 2) most days of the week. And it will get worse before it gets better because at some point they will be bedridden and in need of lots of TLC. I am literally running around like a chicken with its head cut of...

On the upside, I'm getting DSL on Monday. This should help me to be more productive with the little time I do have. I have NO plans to stop posting, I'll just be kinda sporadic for awhile. I ask only that you be patient.

Now on to the Question! 

If you had an important role in a fantasy novel: What Fantasy Profession Would You Prefer? 

Elven Archer

Again this is strictly Fantasy. No Intergalactic Storm Troopers. No Super Heroes. Yeah, I know, not fair but Fantasy is my thing and if you start picking Sci-fi stuff I likely won't even know what it means. Plus I can keep Sci-fi in the wings in case I need a question one week. {Evil Grin} What I will allow, in the interest of being partially fair, is Urban, Contemporary, Or Paranormal as long as the profession is on the fantasy side of the fence. The local police officer won't cut it (unless they are a werewolf of course.)

Here is a basic list. As always, feel free to add your own.

1. Pirate... argggg
2. Genie
3. Assassin
4. Royalty ie King, Queen, Prince, Princess
5. Warrior
6. Bard, Minstrel
7. Wizard
8. Witch
9. Greatest thief in all the land!
10. Dragon Tamer
12. Vampire Extraordinaire
13. Spy
14. Reluctant Hero
15. God or Goddess
16. Blacksmith (kinda mundane but not if you create magical swords!)
17. Necromancer
18. Oracle
19. Archer
20. Fool

♦ My Answer ♦

Umm, well this is harder than I expected it to be. I think Assassin. A beautiful, kickass, highly skilled, female assassin. Afterall, it is fantasy right? I wouldn't be killing actual people. Though if I was her, I'd likely target murderers, rapists, slavers etc. You know, the really bad guys.

So what would your fantasy career of choice be? You can even add in a race if you want. Elven Warrior or Dwarven Blacksmith for example, just to spice things up a bit.

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the household health troubles. I hope they work out well, the sooner the better. It does sound like the sort of rough patch that will get worse before it gets better. {Sympathetic Smile, HUGS}

    I'm glad you're still posting. Of course it will be slow and sporadic for a while. Family has to come first, after all. {Sympathetic Smile}

    And "Yay!" for DSL May you enjoy it as much as I have. It's made surfing far more feasible for me. Even Dad likes it, when the main thing he does on the internet is email. {Smile}


  2. Of the professions you mention, bard and minstrel sound fun. I've normally been more partial to healers when I've actually been picking a character to play. {Smile}

    And yet... (you expected that, didn't you? {smile}) I'd still like to be a librarian. In a magical library, that could be a particular challenge. A magical tome might be even fussier about how it's handled than magnetic media are, and they're pretty notorious. {Smile, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. LOL, I can see you doing a mix of The Librarian and Warehouse 13.

    2. That does sound fun. I'm not sure about going out and finding the artifacts, but someone's got to make sure folks can find them when they're needed. Also, someone's got to make sure that the artifacts don't start fighting each other because they don't like the artifact in the next cubby. {wink, SMILE}


    3. LOL! send out your worthy sidekicks for retrievals and stay at the library dodging angry swords. Not sure there is much advantage there... but, as you said, somebody has to do it :>)

  3. First things first: I hope that this difficult moment will fly away at maximum speed - in the meantime, my best wishes and my thoughts will be with you. Hold on, you can make it! **loud cheering**

    As for your Question of the Week... well, reading down the list I stopped at "Assassin" because... ok that sounds both glamorous and adventurous, especially for an old lady with creaking joints like me **eg**
    Then I read the rest of your entry and laughed out loud: what's the expression? Great minds think alike?
    Indeed.... :-D

    Oh and... DSL!!! **high five**

    1. lol, we seem to do that alot! and thanks :)

  4. Minstrel, by far--spell singing not required, but a plus!

    Fairy tales and folklore is one of my favorite things to research, and it's fun adapting them too!

    1. I'd expect that with you. I try to keep up with your journey but you post so infrequently I keep forgetting! So happy that you stop by for a visit ever so often :>)


    2. Ah... Mulluane? Does this mean you haven't discovered blog readers? They're special services that will check any blog you enter into the reader for new posts. They can miss protected blogs and blog entries, but they'll check the rest periodically for new posts. They're great for checking several blogs at once, including ones which are currently on hiatus, but hopefully should pick up again sometime. {Smile}

      I currently use Bloglines. Have it set up to check over forty blogs and the comments of maybe half a dozen of them (Only one server makes that easy), all on a single stop. The posts that do show up can be read in the reader, or clicked thru to see the actual blog, where I can comment. (I usually click thru, since I love chatting. {wink, Smile}) It may take a couple of days to notice a new post on a blog that hasn't been updated for a few months, but I could all too easily miss it for a couple of months if I had to visit the blog to check, so two days seems like a great improvement. {SMILE}

      Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but it sounded like you might appreciate blog readers as much as I do. {SMILE}

    3. Oh I've discovered them. I was using google's and it shutdown, then I researched and tried Feedly. Hated it. I do use bloglovin, not correctly mind you, but I read the digest they email me everyday. That is where I need to add her blog, if I remember :>P

    4. Oh good. I used to use Google Reader until they shut down, too. Switching to Bloglines worked out pretty well for me. Not that I use all the extra features, but I use enough to get what I want out of it. {Smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    5. I need to get back into posting

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the difficult situation you're all going through. Sending positive thoughts your way, and I hope everything will work out and everyone will be healthy and happy.

    As for the fantasy profession... I think I'll choose Dragon Tamer. I love dragons! And it sounds like a cool job. :)

    1. I wavered but assassin was just too sexy, and bad arse.

      And thank you for the kind thoughts! So tickled that you dropped by :>)

  6. Hey - you can't have dragon tamer. I wanted that one. Then again it might be a very short lived profession. I have opted to be King instead. My subjects would love me and would willingly pay the exorbitant taxes to keep me in a lifestyle that I deserve.

    1. LOL! You couldn't pay me to be King. You are either universally loved or hated and more often the latter. Plus you have to marry to advantage, no love involved. And no privacy, ever. Yuk.

      Now Minister of the Royal Treasury has a nice sound to it.

  7. Hey, I wasn't paying you to be King. As for appointing you Minister of the Royal Treasury, I will think on it but suspect you have ulterior motives. Are you after the cash?


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