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Are Stonehenge or the Pyramids The Oldest Free Standing Structures? Nope! | Thursday Trivia

Mulluane | Thursday, July 31, 2014 | 2 Comments so far
Aside from Fantasy I have a fascination with Prehistory. I've enjoyed the writings of Jean Auel and the Gearings. But new discoveries are made every day and thanks to radiocarbon dating, even old discoveries are receiving more accurate dating.

Now maybe I am just behind the times but this is the first time I have ever heard of the Megalithic Temples of Malta, some of which date from ca 3600 BC. That is approximately 6000 years old! Boy they sure knew how to build to last back then didn't they?

Megalithic Temples of Malta
Source: World Heritage Site

Some Facts:

  • According to Wikipedia, Maltese folklore describes giants as having built the temples, which led to the name Ä gantija, meaning 'Giants’ tower.

  • Not all of these temples date back quite so far but the timeline is pretty impressive with individual complexes ranging from 3600–3200 BC to 3150–2500 BC. There are additional signs of human habitation dating back to 5000 BC and continuing up to 700 BC.

  • The complex that was of special interest to me is the Mnajdra Complex built around 3000 BC.   

  • "The southern temple is oriented astronomically aligned with the rising sun during solstices and equinoxes; during the summer solstice the first rays of sunlight light up the edge of a decorated megalith between the first apses, while during the winter solstice the same effect occurs on a megalith in the opposite apse. During the equinox, the rays of the rising sun pass straight through the principal doorway to reach the innermost central niche." Source: Wikipedia

That is some amazing engineering considering that this temple predates the Bronze Age! 

There is plenty of great information on Wikipedia and the World Heritage site has some testimonials from actual visitors to the temples. Well worth a read if you are interested in prehistoric architecture as I am. 

So what ancient marvels astound and amaze you? Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!
    It's indeed amazing to observe the technical feats of our far-removed ancestors... Natural phenomena like the Sun, the Moon phases and so on were all they had to inspire them, and the fact that those creations still survive now is a testament to both their creativity and workmanship.

    As for me, the first place that comes to mind is Mycenae and the Lion's Gate: I saw it on my very first visit to Greece (almost thirty years ago! oh my...) and I was rendered speechless at the thought of the millions of feet that had traveled that path, walked on those stones and crossed the gate. It was a mind-blowing and humbling experience at the same time...

    1. There is an interesting correlation between the two. Both are believed to have been constructed by giants. In the case of Lion's Gate, cyclops.


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