Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Friday 24 ~ Create A Fantasy Creature for my Theme Park Zoo.

Mulluane | Friday, July 25, 2014 | 10 Comments so far
Hi! It is another Friday with another creative question to play with!

So here is the usual recap before we move on to the fun stuff. I know most people just skim or skip over this part but this time there is some info of note so please scan a bit slower!
There is a new FORUM! It is an empty, lonely place that needs some company. I had a forum once before and it was a fun lively place once it got started. Takes a while. Forums grow slowly but eventually become an invaluable resource. I envision a place of sharing and discussions. A place where we can dig deeply into books without fear of revealing spoilers. Something that must be avoided in regular comments. So come, see, explore and post! Lets get this thing going.
Now on to the Question! 

How good are your creative skills? My Epic Fantasy Zoo is empty! Help!

If you remember, a few weeks ago I started a virtual Epic Fantasy theme park. But no Theme Park is worth a darn without a zoo! And not just any zoo mind you. This zoo has to have unique and wonderful, you might even say fantastical, creatures of all kinds.

This is where you dear reader can help. I want you to rush off to the laboratory, put on your mad scientist hat, take a crash course in genetics and create some critters! Make something that is uniquely yours. Combine animals, use colors, heck, use glitter if you want. Make it mean and ugly or cute and cuddly. It is your critter! Do whatever you want. Oh and don't forget to name it too!

Okies, finally made mine. Bet ya can't guess what it is!

Old Bat

So go forth and create! 

Don't like this question? Look here "Fun Fridays" and see if there is one you do like! Comments are always welcome, even on older posts.

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  1. The forum is a GREAT idea!!! I already signed in...

    And now I will need some time in the lab ((insert mad scientist laugh)) to see to my critter....
    Igor! Where's my coat??!!


  2. My first victim... umm, member! Yay!

    And I have faith in you. You'll come up with something weird and wonderful.

  3. Try here:Some great examples of fantasy creatures for a zoo

  4. Disclaimer: I found the picture on the internet, searching for "scary animals", and it gave me the idea for this.
    And now for the description...

    Homeowners! Are you tired of break-ins and robberies? Is your dog too lazy or too tame to protect your house? Your problems are at an end: GenLab Industries are proud to present their latest discovery in home security. The HEDGEWOLF!

    After years of careful gene splicing GenLab has successfully crossed the power and ferociousness of the wolf with the peculiar characteristics of the hedgehog: this amazing creature can scare away from your premises even the most determined of burglars, combining a blood-curling howl, a fearsome hunting speed and stamina and a specially designed paralyzing agent delivered by the detachable spines.

    Fiercely loyal, our HEDGEWOLF will protect your property as if it were its own lair.

    Stop worrying about intrusions! Sleep in comfort and security!

    Pre-order your HEDGEWOLF now!

    **GenLab - A better future in a test tube**

    (and now I need to open the door to the nice people in white coats who want to take me away on that shiny ambulance....)

  5. Finally added mine to the post. What ya think?

    1. LMAO!!!! The grandfather of bats! A Bat-Father?

      ((runs and hides))


    2. LOL! That works. As you can see, I come from a long line of old bats....


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