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Interview ~ Dane Richter ~ Indie Author of Hunt For The Star (The Eldon Archives, #1)

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(Wacky Interview Series)

In case you missed the first interviews in this series, here is the deal...I read alot of author interviews and they are good, informative, and interesting but rarely tell me all that much about an author's personality. I often find myself thinking, "Well that's all good and everything but I want to know more about the real live person behind the book!"

So, I decided to conduct a "fun" interview; something that will give my readers a good laugh and be fun for the authors. You will not find serious questions covering books, publishing, writing or future plans. Instead you will get a chance to see how they react to a bunch of crazy questions and scenarios.

This time around I asked Dane Richter, Indie author of Hunt For The Star (The Eldon Archives, #1) (which I spotlighted here) if he would consider doing one of these. He said it sounded like fun! So, I sent him the 10 wacky questions, plus the 2 bonus substitutes and like those before him, he answered all 12! So here for your reading pleasure is a look inside of the mind of Dane Richter...

1) Which magical power would you like to have and why?

Probably immortality with the stipulation that I would forever be without sickness, pain and ageing. I think up until recently people only speculated that there was other life in the universe. 5 years ago the Kepler telescope replaced the Hubble and since then scientists have made many discoveries including the confirmation of dozens of planets in the "goldilocks zone" capable of supporting life. Being immortal would give me enough time to explore the universe and maybe enough time to work out the mind of the human female.

2) What would you do if you had a time machine?

So many things! Go back in time and buy stock in Microsoft. Spend a bit of time panning for gold before the gold rush. Place a few bets... you get the idea - I'd make myself wealthy. Many years years ago I suffered a back injury the effects of which can still be felt. I would go back and tell myself how to avoid that. Aside from that there are a bunch of historical figures or events I'd like to see. Was Nostradamus a real prophet or did he predict so much crap that some of it was bound to become true? Did Jesus really die on the cross? How did they build the pyramids? Did the druids build stonehenge just to hang out and play cards, or did they use it to have a few drinks, celebrate the fertility gods with sexual acts and ritual sacrifice?

3) What was your funniest/most interesting encounter with a fan?

A girl bought my book at a convention and then opened it to the second last page and proceeded to read. I was horrified! I shut the book and said: 'That's not how I intended it to be read!' to which she responded: 'It's my book now, I can read it how I like.' I nearly refunded the money but I needed the $25.

4) If you had a chance to spend some time with one mythical being, what would it be and why?

I could see how Aladdin's genie could be beneficial. Bigfoot would be good. I'd take a photo of Bigfoot reading my book and upload it to Facebook as a promo tool.

5) If aliens landed in your backyard, what is the first thing you would ask them?

Sprechen sie deutsch? The Germans seem to be more advanced than the rest of us so chances are that they would have somehow taught the aliens to speak German before they arrived on Earth. Plus it's the only complete non-English phrase I know. When I think of aliens, I don't see the Spock variety that are able to speak our language. I see the Mulder and Scully little green men or insectoid variety only able to communicate in high-pitched tones or clicks or something. What am I supposed to say to that? This parking bay is already taken?

6) What quirky habit do you have that often gets you teased by your peers or family?

Is winning a quirky habit? Some friends and I play a board game called Settlers of Catan. We are so competitive that we decided to compile a stats sheet on victory points vs games played. After some 60 odd games, I'm proud to admit my average was around 8.5 out of 10 compared to the next best of around 7.2. Despite this putting a virtual target on my back, I continued to win and this was known as Dane Hax. Every time we play now, the only game plan is to always put the robber on my numbers. It's quite frustrating.

7) What did you want to be when you grew up?

An Olympic Athlete. Track and field was my game until I turned 30. I represented Australia in 2000 at the World Junior Aths Championships in the high jump and as a open athlete I switched to the 400m hurdles. I won a few national medals and briefly (and I mean real in a few weeks) held a number 1 ranking in the country, but I unfortunately never won Olympic team selection. I found that even if the work ethic is there, it might not be enough. Like many things in life, sometimes you need a little bit of luck and sadly my Dane hax only went so far.

8) If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what would you be and why?

The largest bird of prey in Australia is the wedge-tailed eagle. My Dad is a bird atlas surveyor so I've been given a unique perspective on Australian birds. I've always thought there was something majestic about the eagle. They can soar on hot air currents to heights beyond what the eye can see without a single beat of their wings. Plus it would be pretty cool to be able to fly.

9.) My readers want to know what you had for breakfast. Not sure why exactly...

This morning I did not eat anything. Had a cup of tea and I'm talking a BIG cup - about 850-900ml of pure, sweet, bottom-dollar, store-bought english breakfast tea. If it's any consolation, last night I ate a whole chicken, 4 bits of corn, half a cheesecake, a bowl of ice cream, half a block of chocolate, half a litre of mocha and a litre of canadian club and cola. I wasn't really feeling that hungry this morning. Tomorrow I've got crumpets!

10) Why in the world did you consent to doing this wacky interview? I mean there is not one question here about your books, your writing or your future plans!

To be honest the questions didn't woo me. It was a stroke of luck that I answered this today because I needed as many people as possible to know that I ate a whole chicken and #9 catered to that. I rolled with whatever for the rest of the questions. Actually it was fun. When I release the next book I hope you will give me another 10 whacky questions!

Bonus Questions!

11) Who is your favorite comedian or cartoon character and why?

Homer Simpson is a comedian and cartoon character... how convenient (Homer Simpson voice). Recently I've been enjoying an anime called Bleach and my favourite character is Zaraki Kenpachi. As a writer I see the obvious "barbarian template" but the writer has done a marvellous job with him. He has an "I don't give a f***" attitude but has quite a calculating mind to offset his outward unsophisticated disposition.

12) How would you describe your sense of humor?

I think I have a dry wit but I'm not above toilet humour. Amongst friends I can have a vulgar sense of humour too. My fantasy writing contains humour but isn't supposed to be humourous. I tend to switch the humour according to whatever character currently holds the POV. 

Thanks Dane for consenting to do this interview!

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