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Reader Appreciation Interview ~ Maddalena @ Space and Sorcery

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The Bio!

Once upon a time there was this old lady from Italy who loved science fiction and fantasy, with just a little dash of horror thrown in for added flavor. She was quiet and harmless, spending her free time with books and beloved tv shows, when... EVERYTHING CHANGED.  Yes, because one day, searching the web for reviews on books to read, she stumbled on this interesting blog called “Old Bat's Belfry” and an article about posting one's reading experiences on Pinterest.  One pin led to another, and before you could say “Klaatu Barada Nikto” she opened a blog of her own and started pestering everyone... er... sharing her book reviews with the world.

If you run real fast you might still make it to the emergency exit....  

The Questions!

1.) What magical ability would you like to have and why?

I would like to be able to manipulate time, so I could stretch it when I'm doing something I enjoy, and speed it up when I'm dealing with real life's assorted annoyances.
2.) What would you do if you had a time machine?

A peek at the future would be my first goal, a future in which humanity has learned to travel among the stars and discover new planets: I wouldn't mind seeing some other exotic place, with differently-colored skies and several moons hanging in orbit...   But I would like to visit the past as well, and tour ancient Greece, for example: it would be wonderful to see Athens in its days of glory. Or what about the great library in Alexandria?
3.) You are an archeologist and you discover something that no one has ever seen before. What do you think would be the coolest thing you could possibly discover and why?

The proof that Atlantis was not a myth! How cool would that be?
4.) If aliens landed in your backyard, what is the first thing you would ask them?

"You are not here to eat us, are you?"
No, seriously, how many times books and tv shows have shown apparently-benevolent aliens that landed on Earth in friendship, only to reveal that we were only a food source?  Much as I'd love to meet an alien species, pop-culture made me extremely wary of alien landings!
5.) Who (or what) is your favorite cartoon character and why?

Wyle E. Coyote.  I loved him since I was a child, and always rooted for him: yes, he kept hunting the Road Runner, presumably to eat it, but his constant, spectacular failures made him the victim rather than the aggressor - and I ended up being annoyed at Road Runner's smug air of superiority. Poor Coyote....
6.) If you could have lunch with a famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I don't even need to think about it: Professor Tolkien. We'd discuss Middle Earth in delightfully painstaking depth while consuming a meal that would make a Hobbit proud...  Jokes aside, it would be a joy to explore my very favorite imaginary world hearing the voice of its creator.
7.) If you could be reincarnated as an animal (real or imagined), what would you be and why?

A direwolf: first because they are among the most intriguing creatures in GRR Martin's ASOIAF world - bigger than ordinary wolves, they can bond with their human companion and exchange consciousness; second, because I've used the name of one of those direwolves (Nymeria) as my internet nick for years, and it's part of me now, since some of my friends use it just as frequently as my real name.

8.) You are stranded on a desert island, and only one thing washed up on shore with you what (or who) would you want that to be?

A powerful (VERY powerful) radio to call for HELP!!!!!!!   Because, ok, adventures on a desert island could be fun, but I don't think I could hold out long without some basic comforts like a roof over my head, running water and.. insect repellant! 
9.) Alot of ancient cultures, like the Greeks and Romans, had a god for just about everything. What type of god could you envision yourself as and why?

To quote Vala (from Stargate SG1) I would certainly be all-knowing as well as beautiful... Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?  All shall love me, and despair!  Now, where did I hear that before...?
10.) If you could be a character in a fantasy or science fiction novel, what type would you be? (Wizard, assassin, warrior, spaceship captain, princess, etc...) and why?

A little explanation first: among the tv shows I've seen in my life, two have received my deep, abiding love: one is Babylon 5, a complex drama that mixes politics and powerful characterization in a futuristic setting; the other is Farscape, one of the best and stylistically daring stories ever filmed. In Farscape there is Moya, the bio-mechanoid Leviathan ship that's both home to the characters and is a character herself, and I often thought how wonderful it would be to meet such a creature and travel through the galaxy on her. So the book could be called “My travels with Moya” and the end (only for volume one, of course, because nowadays the accepted minimum is a trilogy!) would read:

And from the view-portal in command she saw a huge, slowly spinning space station, a shining beacon in the darkness, all alone in the night.
“That's Babylon 5, Moya, we found it.”

The Blog Plug!

You can find my rambling on books I read at Space and Sorcery
Do it at your own risk!  

Thanks to Maddalena for sharing her answers with us!

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Mulluane is a 55-year-old proud grandmother of 4, who is passionate about her pets, blogging, traditional fantasy, and tinkering with webdesign. She is obssesively photo shy but she uses an avatar that accurately represents her dreams. ♥ You can also find her on:

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