Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Trivia #1 ~ Mother Nature Proves That Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Mulluane | Thursday, July 24, 2014 | 7 Comments so far
Hi! It is me again. With a new idea designed to amaze and amuse the masses! 

I was doing some browsing, looking for post ideas and I ran across this cute little critter. Now as we all know, I am a diehard fantasy fan and this is a fantasy blog. So the question I can hear you asking is something along the lines of "Has Mull truly lost her mind this time?"

Well the short answer is that I lost it years ago. I let it wander one day and it never came back. However there is a legitimate reason why I wanted to share this fantastic critter. 

Kinkajous, Kinkajou Pictures, Kinkajou Facts - National Geographic
(Read more here)
Kinkajous, Kinkajou Pictures, Kinkajou Facts - National Geographic

Would you believe that this adorable raccoon relative can turn its feet around backwards! Seriously, it can. This allows it to run up or down tree trunks and branches without turning around. And if that wasn't strange enough, it has a prehensile tail large enough to use as a blanket plus a tongue long enough to sip nectar from the deepest flowers, snag termites from their mounds and raid honey from beehives. This odd critter is part raccoon - monkey - anteater - hummingbird and... bear. 

Now if this doesn't prove that truth is stranger than fantasy.... I don't know what does!

Oh and as an added bonus, this cute little guy has given me a fun idea for a friday post. Awesome how that all worked out.

Now, on a slightly more serious note. I keep running across weird and wonderful facts in my web travels. Not all are directly related to fantasy but they are often fantastic, odd, interesting, or just plain weird. Stuff I really want to share. Besides, you never know when one of these strange discoveries might inspire the next great fantasy novel!

So what ya think? Would you enjoy reading some fantastical facts and trivia ever so often?

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  1. No, you haven't lost your mind. Tsk!! :-D
    Yes, I'd love more trivia like this one. (((emphatic nod)))
    And that raccoon is nothing short of ADORABLE! Just look at those sweet eyes... So cute... :-)

    1. But I wonder how it can tell if it is coming or going....

    2. Well, the possibility of turning its feet around might come with a sort of animal GPS. I think.
      Yes, I know, I read too much spec-fic.... LOL

  2. Why stop at just animal trivia? Maybe the subject every week would be random.

    1. That is what I was considering. People do love animals but there are stranger things under our sun....

  3. The kinkajou is cute, and lovely as well. {Smile}

    Yes, I'd like to see more trivia and odd discoveries. they sound fun. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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