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It's a Bat! It's a Frog! It's a Bat Frog? | Thursday Trivia

Mulluane | Thursday, November 20, 2014 | 3 Comments so far
I know I haven't done one of these posts in awhile but I saw these articles on Nation Geographic and I could not resist sharing. So instead of a quote this week I'm sharing Bat Frogs! Once again Mother Nature has blessed me with a good old-fashioned belly laugh!

First up we have what looks like some sort of demon toad...

Surprising Photo: Toad Eats Bat | Source :
The toad and its bat prey in Cerros de Amotape National Park. Photograph courtesy Yufani Olaya and
Actually, as strange as this might sound, this is a Cane Toad trying to eat a Free-Tailed Bat. The good news is, the toad eventually had to spit it out. Never could figure out how to solve the problem those wings created. The bat actually survived. (Which is good. I'd hate to have to hurt a little frog. Which only weighs 4lbs. Ummm... Lemme rethink that for a minute...)

Next up is an actual Bat Frog! Named "Dendropsophus ozzyi" in honor of Ozzy Osbourne, who supposedly bit off the head of a bat at a Black Sabbath concert in 1981. 

Ozzy is likely just beside himself with joy. 

Bat Frog | Source:
Told you truth was stranger than fantasy! This little guy makes a high-pitched, batlike call; first frog ever to do so. Well the first one they have discovered. This guy has gone unnoticed in a well explored section of the Amazon and yet was only discovered recently. I'm guessing that pretending to be a bat worked out rather well in his case!

Don't forget to check out the links. I just skimmed the surface. There is more info contained in the original articles.

More celebrity critters: (Discovery News Video)

Personally, I can easily see either one of these critters showing up in a fantasy novel someday. So what about you? Heard or read (or seen) any strange critters lately that you think would fit right into a fantasy world? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Before I read your post I thought that the first frog looked very weird! Especially with that strange tail-like tongue....
    But I must say that reality is even weirder than my imagination! And I'm glad, as well, that the little bat managed to fly away unscathed...
    ((relieved nod))

    On the other hand, the... MockingFrog (?) is a wonderful example of Nature's adaptive skills...

    All this talk of frogs reminds me of a graphic novel I read in my teens - don't ask me the title or a summary of the story because it's been 40 years ((SIGH)), I only remember that it was from a French author/designer and it was sci-fi themed: the only detail that still remains in my memory is the one about these gigantic FROGS that did something terrible to unwary travelers. Brrrrr.....

    1. lol, that book sounds like something Piers Anthony might come up with.

      When I happened across that picture I just stared for a bit. I still didn't come up with toad eats bat. Mainly since I had no idea bats could have a long tail. But what I am truly in awe of is the luck of the photographer. Talk about right place, time, angle, lighting...

      Now that I've had more time to study the photo, it does look a bit like one of my cousin bats. A dumb one. I mean why, seriously why, would you fly into the mouth of a 4lb toad? Although, it will make a great story to tell the tadpoles and at least he didn't end up being named after a famous bat chomper....

    2. Maybe the first frog took some lessons on how to imitate a bat call from the second frog - that's how the bat ended up in its mouth!
      Or maybe - who knows? - the firs frog is able to project the appearance of a bat and... Ok, I've been reading too much science fiction, I know... :-D :-D


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