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Prince Lestat by Anne Rice | Gothic Horror Book Review | Vampire Chronicles #11

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Sequel To Queen of the Damned

A stunning departure, a surprising and compelling return…From Anne Rice, perennial best seller, single-handed reinventor of the vampire cosmology--a new, exhilarating novel, a deepening of her vampire mythology, and a chillingly hypnotic mystery-thriller.
"What can we do but reach for the embrace that must now contain both heaven and hell: our doom again and again and again…" --from The Vampire Lestat

Rice once again summons up the irresistible spirit-world of the oldest and most powerful forces of the night, invisible beings unleashed on an unsuspecting world able to take blood from humans, in a long-awaited return to the extraordinary world of the Vampire Chronicles and the uniquely seductive Queen of the Damned ("mesmerizing" --San Francisco Chronicle), a long-awaited novel that picks up where The Vampire Lestat ("brilliant…its undead characters are utterly alive" --New York Times) left off more than a quarter of a century ago to create an extraordinary new world of spirits and forces--the characters, legend, and lore of all the Vampire Chronicles.

The novel opens with the vampire world in crisis…vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned…Old vampires, roused from slumber in the earth are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto, and San Francisco.

As the novel moves from present-day New York and the West Coast to ancient Egypt, fourth century Carthage, 14th-century Rome, the Venice of the Renaissance, the worlds and beings of all the Vampire Chronicles-Louis de Pointe du Lac; the eternally young Armand, whose face is that of a Boticelli angel; Mekare and Maharet, Pandora and Flavius; David Talbot, vampire and ultimate fixer from the secret Talamasca; and Marius, the true Child of the Millennia; along with all the other new seductive, supernatural creatures-come together in this large, luxuriant, fiercely ambitious novel to ultimately rise up and seek out who-or what-the Voice is, and to discover the secret of what it desires and why…

And, at the book's center, the seemingly absent, curiously missing hero-wanderer, the dazzling, dangerous rebel-outlaw--the great hope of the Undead, the dazzling Prince Lestat…

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Prince Lestat by Anne Rice | Gothic Horror Book Review | Vampire Chronicles #11

| Source: Publisher
| Author: Anne Rice
| Series: The Vampire Chronicles
| Genre: Gothic Horror
| Content: Vampires, Ghosts
| ISBN-10: 0307962520
| ISBN-13: 9780307962522
| Publisher: Knopf (October 28, 2014)
| Hardback: 480 pages
| Rating: 5/5 Stars
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Prince Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles #11)

♥ Mini Review ♥
They are all here. All of my beloved vampires. So proud, so elegant, so... conflicted. Anne Rice has ruined me. Because of her I cannot abide mainstream vampires. They don't fit into our world. But these beautiful, graceful and impossibly old creatures do fit. And they fit so well, I often feel them stalking my dreams.

Horror Book Review by Mulluane

♦ The Story. Something is stirring. Something long asleep, but now becoming aware. And whatever it is, it is powerful and it is not happy.

This crisis could not have come at a worse time for the vampires. Lestat, the Brat Prince, is in self imposed seclusion, as are most of the oldest among them. Meanwhile a mysterious Voice is instructing the elders to thin out the overabundance of young vampires, resulting in a worldwide burning spree. And with each burning, the "Voice" grows stronger.

And through it all a single young vampire calls out across the radio waves with a plea. A plea for solidarity. A call for vampires to unite and discover the source of this Voice before it kills them all.

A plea the elders ignore at their peril.

♦ My Thoughts. I rarely read horror. However, Anne Rice is my secret weakness. The exception to the rule. She redesigned the vampire into a being I can by turns love, hate, fear and envy. There is some blood and gore but there is also proud elegance, sophistication, impeccable manners and unswerving devotion. They are mesmerizing and irresistible. To say I am a fan is an understatement.

Even so, I haven't kept up with this series. A lack I intend to remedy. The good news is, having read Queen of the Damned, I had no problem following the storyline in Prince Lestat.

And what a story!

Danger, mystery, thrills and chills! This new threat to the Blood is going to take the strongest and oldest of the vampires by surprise and require they band together. But they will need a charismatic leader and the Brat Prince is nowhere to be found.

I am a little in love with Prince Lestat! via @mulluane

♦ What I Liked.  All of it. Everything. The whole package. 

The beauty of Prince Lestat is in the lovingly rendered details. We visit with all of our favorites. Observe where and how they are living. We meet new vampires, new ghosts and old vampires who previously were thought to be gone from this world. 

And you learn about their history, one of my favorite aspects of the book. What a joy it would be for me to sit at the feet of one of the oldest vampires as they tell stories of their beginnings and beyond. Or even one of the ghosts.

I'd be in heaven.

The Vampire Chronicles are the closest I will ever get to that dream and I am in awe of Anne Rice's storytelling ability. I felt like I was physically present in ancient Egypt, Rome, Venice, to name a few.

Fully immersed is a weak description. Enraptured is better.

Adding to the fascination of all things vampire, there is a sense of urgency. A real fear that the Voice will destroy some of my beloved vampires. I stayed glued to the pages long into the night.

♦ What I Didn't Like. I usually talk here about what I didn't like. Problem is, the only element I can complain about is not enough Lestat. But I could complain about that fact in any Vampire Chronicles book. I never get enough Lestat!

I will note, there are some who dislike the meandering walk through the history of each vampire. I am not one of those people. To me, each segue into a vampire's origin, or present day environment, is a jewel beyond price.

Is it like reading a bunch of short stories?

Yes it is, but I loved each one. The stories fill gaps in my knowledge of vampire lore. New vampires and ghosts are introduced and added to my list of favorite characters. I envy their experiences; their origins, their tragedies and their triumphs. The story is enriched by those bits of history. Or it is for me. 

But the title is a bit misleading. Lestat does play a pivotal role and the plot can't be resolved without him, but you won't encounter much of him for two thirds of the book.

♦ Conclusion. If you love Anne Rice's vampires, this book is required reading. One incredibly important question is answered. Gaps in the history and lore of the vampires are filled. There is alot of tragedy and there is alot of love. And there are examples of unquestioning loyalty and devotion. For all of their capacity for cruelty -- and there is plenty of that too -- nobody understands beauty and love quite like these vampires. It is more than enough to make me wish they were real... 

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About the Author:
Photo of Anne RiceAnne Rice was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Anne has spent more of her life in California than in New Orleans, but New Orleans is her true home and provides the back drop for many of her famous novels. The French Quarter provided the setting for her first novel, Interview with the Vampire. And her ante-bellum house in the Garden District was the fictional home of her imaginary Mayfair Witches.  Source

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Gothic Horror Book Review of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice (The Vampire Chronicles #11)
Reviewed by Mulluane on December 29, 2014
Rating: 5 of 5

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