Monday, December 15, 2014

'Tis The Season To Be Busy!

Mulluane | Monday, December 15, 2014 | 2 Comments so far
Well here we are.

This year is waning and another isn't far.

Life gets crazy as holiday celebrations are planned.

Decorated Raindeer

Even my cat tried to lend a hand!

Cat knocks down tree
(Well it tried, that is what counts right?)

There is a winter storm forecast, I hope that it snows...

Festive House

Maybe this year rabbit won't try to take snowman's nose!

Rabbit stealing Snowman's nose

Stockings have all been hung with delight...

Stockings on firplace

And Santa is ready for a long christmas night...

Santa and sleigh

Through all of this chaos I'm trying to read...

Reading Chair

A task at which I just can't succeed...

Elves on strike

So I think that I'll be taking a break...

exhausted Santa

To see just how many posts I can make...
Santa on computer

You'll see 2 reviews before I go on holiday...

Elf waving

But I will be back after New Year's day...

New Year's Banner
See you all soon!

Clipart/gif source: Webweaver's

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  1. Here I am, grinning from ear to ear because of your funny GIFs... :-)

    Have some GREAT & WONDERFUL holidays, filled with everything you desire (included some quality time with books... of course!!!!) and enjoy yourself!

    **big wave**


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